Game of Thrones – Wall Art: Sam’s Cure for Greyscale

The Game of Thrones production design team released a few images of the book Sam consults to cure Ser Jorah’s greyscale. I decided to combine the content in both images on to one sheet to gift as wall art to my G.O.T loving friends.


What you need

  1. A yellowish, aged piece of cardstock (available at craft stores)
  2. Reference images (these are the ones I used; – Curing Greyscale)
  3. Red, brown, black fine sharpies
  4. Pencil and ruler
  5. Red, gray, black and orange color pencils

What you do

  • Use a pencil to lightly divide your page into 2 sections. Start by drawing the tools and the jars of oils on to the top section. (It would help to take printouts of the original images from the link above for reference instead of looking at your phone all the time).B87A9CDD-E4F8-41C2-B650-22416012BF97
  • Right below the jars, draw the tool used to pull the skin and write out the words as seen in the link above. My image of the hand holding the tool looked terrible so I erased it. 5FF4252A-4697-40DF-AD32-C9152BB9D2F4
  • Next, draw the body with the skin being pulled and write the words as seen in the link.F806B151-AC19-4CAC-8695-C175A457AF9E
  • Go back to the top section – right above the jars, write down the paragraph as seen in the image and add the title at the top.                                                                                   3E94F3D3-3364-4BF4-8B67-9FE7974A2483
  • Once you have completed all sections, this is how the entire page will look.                         13986321-DAA8-4869-A5BF-2B91EFEE852A
  • Start coloring in the images with the color pencils.  8E8C55A8-AFD3-49E5-A280-9B1062DB6603
  • Once done, fill in the title with the black sharpie and the words ‘Gently pull back the affected area‘ in red sharpie.
  • For the rest, use the brown sharpie. 08AFA142-A11D-44A4-8F24-5C581EB6AFE9
  • Gently erase the pencil lines from the entire page. Get a suitable frame for gifting or hanging.

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