Lord of The Rings – Recycled ‘Red Book of Westmarch’ Diary

I received a nautical themed leather-bound diary for my birthday that I recycled into the ‘Red book of Westmarch’ from LOTR. Love how it turned out 🙂

What you need:

  1. An old leather bound book (from any craft store)
  2. Red acrylic paint by ‘Leather Studio‘ (Leather Studio – Michaels)
  3. Thin, fine sharpies – Black, Silver
  4. Pencil, ruler and paintbrushes
  5. Optional: X-acto knife

What you do:

  • Start by painting the entire book red, using the ‘leather studio‘ acrylic paint. Apply 2-3 coats evenly and let dry for an hour in between (I had an old leather book that I painted from blue to red). Leave the book to dry overnight.                                                       UntitledIMG_0608
  • Using the pencil, trace out the front design on the red book following a google image (this is the one I used; Red Book Front Cover). Once traced, color the lines in with the black sharpie. If the pencil lines are not clear, gently trace over the lines with the X-acto knife to give a clearer view.
  • Use the silver to trace over the ‘Star’ at the top and ‘BB’ at the bottom of the cover.                   7FE106D1-17FA-4A5F-9D09-8FF3CAD32F6B
  • I used the IndyProp website for LOTR (follow link here: IndyProp) to find the font and some content written inside the book. I wrote out the pages in pencil following Bilbo’s handwriting as best as I could.
    Bilbo finding the ring
    Misty mountains / Rivendell Map
    Durin’s Door
    • The first page was the title page with the following: ‘there and back again. a hobbit tale by bilbo baggins’    04A5F993-8079-4812-818D-1DD6BFBC81CD 
    • Second page was an account of Bilbo finding the one ring with a map of Misty Mountains. 3219E072-F6D4-4DA9-8FED-EAC159B5BF3A
    • Third was an image of Durin’s Door with Bilbo’s first meeting with Gandalf. 747E155D-64D5-4B0C-9534-7EA9588D7AE0
  • I left the rest of the pages blank to use as a diary. You can add more designed pages if you like. After closing the book, gently spray the outsides with a sealant to maintain the integrity of the leather paint (spray a certain distance away from the book so the pages do not get stuck together; make sure the spray flows as a fine mist).

And your journal is ready to use. Enjoy 🙂 

Here are a few more close up pictures of the inner pages.

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