DIY Harry Potter Series – Wire Jewelry without any tools

I finally bought some pliable jewelry wire to experiment with. There are so many great designs you can make, without any expensive tools. All you need is the wire, scissors and your hands.

Materials Jewelry wire (20-26 gauge) in any color (I used silver primarily), scissors


  • HP ‘glasses and scar’ ring  A very easy jewelry DIY to create. All you need is a 26 or 24 gauge wire to make it (I used a 24g but a 26g would be easier to bend and mold).
    • Leaving 1.5″ of wire free, form a small circular loop with the wire.                                       IMG_5310
    • From the 1.5″ wire left in the beginning, add a little zigzag / bend to make it resemble a scar.                                                                                                                       IMG_5311
    • From the first circular loop, use the extending wire to form a second loop near the first of the same size (this forms the glasses).
    • Bend the wire extending from the glasses around your finger to form a ring like shape. The ring can be tightened / loosened depending on which finger you want to wear it.IMG_5309
  • Deathly Hallows
    • You only need one long piece of silver wire to create the whole thing. Cut out about 20″ of the wire (I used a 24 gauge).
    • Start with a straight line of wire and gradually bend it after 3-4″ to form a circle.
    • From the base of the circle, drag out the remaining wire to form a triangle around the circle (you will have to gently pull and tug on the wire to adjust it).           IMG_5370
    • Once you are satisfied with the result, wind a few strips of wire (1″) around all the connecting parts of the hallows to secure everything.                                          IMG_0093
  • Golden snitch pendant I love how this turned out. You will need, in addition to the materials above, a round gold bead (resembling the snitch). I had to search a while till I found the perfect one.                                                                                              IMG_0094
    • Cut a 10″ piece of 20g wire and thread through the bead (center the bead within the wire). Hook the wire on either side of the bead to form a little upward bump (as in the image below).                                                                                                             IMG_5345
    • Raise the wire upward, from the bump, to eventually bend and form the wing shape.IMG_5346
    • Bend the wire inward to form a loop before returning the wire toward the bead (you should form a ring shaped loop). The wire can be bent and adjusted to get the right shape. Twist the end of the wire near the bead and cut off the excess.
    • Repeat for the other wing.                                                                                                          Untitled
    • Cut a few long strips of 26g wire to wrap inside the wing. Start from one corner twisting  a small portion of the wire at the top of the wing, stretching to the bottom, winding it at the bottom and continuing upwards.
    • Continue wrapping until you run out of wire and start using a new strip of wire. Do this until you finish wrapping both wings.                                                            Untitled2
    • This is how the final pendant should look.                                                                          IMG_0094
    • The wire can be adjusted to achieve the desired structure and shape. You can use the pendant as it is by hooking the chain to the two corner loops or you can attach some jump rings to the loop before adding the chain.                                              IMG_5355


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