Friendly Friday: ‘All In A Row’

I finally joined a photo challenge called ‘Friendly Friday’ by Amanda at Something To Ponder About. This week’s challenge was ‘all in a row’ and I thoiught my recent trip to the Candytopia exhibit was a perfect example. All of the portraits were created by sticking different pieces of candies in rows to create the effect.

I hope y’all enjoy the pics.


Scroll through my original link for more pictures 🙂 Candytopia -A Delicious Artsy Experience

Next Friday’s challenge will be at The Sandy Chronicles. Join in for some community blogging fun.

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  1. Class. Love the Sweetie Pictures. 🙂


    1. Thanks. They were awesome. So creative 🙂


      1. Yeah I feel like making one now! But I don’t have any Sweets! 🙂


      2. Get some. No excuses for sweets 😛

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  2. Forestwood says:

    What a tempting place for sugar addicts. You have to admire the artist in their creations and it is definitely fitted the theme for Friendly Friday! Thanks so much for joining in. I love the Scream the best as I have seen the real version ( just before it was stolen) and so it brings back some happy memories for me. So glad that you joined in but I can’t work out why I didn’t get a notification of this before now! I hope you will be tempted to join in again!

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    1. I def will 🙂


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