DIY Valentine Montage hanging display of your fav show using recycled boxes

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone 🙂

As part of my ongoing DIY ornament exchange for Harry Potter, I had to make something related to love for Valentine’s Day.

Since I like so many relationships in the franchise: Sirius and Harry, The Marauders, Snape and Lily, Harry and his friends, Harry and Molly, Weasley Family etc, I made a montage displaying all of these relationships using an old decorative box base with a ribbon at the top that I got for Christmas.


  • An old box or piece of thick cardboard / wood
  • Colorful ribbon, only if your ornament does not have one attached
  • Color print outs of different scenes from the movies, preferably on cardstock
  • Matte mod podge
  • Scissors, Brushes

What you do

  • Cut out all your images and arrange them the way you’d like. 359488A5-8859-4395-AAE1-C7FA1C1D8FBF
  • If your box has no hanging twine or ribbon, make a small hole at the top center of the box and attach ribbon in a loop.
  • Stick the images one at a time using the matte mod podge on the inner edges of the box. Let dry for 20 mins.1E672C3E-F9F7-40D1-92E3-C89F9E46570E
    • I used one big image of Amortentia as a background, for the inside of the box, and wrote out the description of the Love Chamber from the Dept of Mysteries, as mentioned to Harry by Dumbledore.
    • Stick the big image in the middle, making sure it fits exactly and let dry for 20 mins.3DC037F5-197D-4365-B3CC-F7213B496069
  • Paint a coat of mod podge over all the images once everything is stuck and let dry for a few hours.

Your hanging montage display is ready. You can do something similar with family photos for a loved one.


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