DIY Harry Potter Series – Weasley Wizard Wheezes Easter Eggs

A very quick DIY for passing time during this Covid19 lock-down and a new way of decorating your Christmas tree.

With Easter around the corner, there are all kinds of plastic / wood eggs on sale. I purchased a DIY egg kit for a dollar with 5 eggs and paints. These eggs come with attached string for hanging to double as Christmas ornaments. I decided to make Weasley Wheezes product eggs.


  • Easter eggs (preferably with attached string)
  • Matte mod podge
  • Acrylic paints – Multiple colors
  • Printouts of Weasley Wheezes product logos
  • Optional: Sharpies for additional designs


  • Print and cut out the logos (I chose Fever Fudge, Extendable Ears, ‘W’ logo, Loonar Luminators and U-No-Poo).
  • For the U-No-Poo egg, I painted the egg vivid purple and after drying stuck the label on using mod podge. Press the label evenly and firmly to avoid (2)
  • Do the same for all the other eggs.
    • For Fever Fudge, I painted the egg blue and added details with red (4)
    • The ‘W’ logo egg was painted bright orange to match the (3)
    • Extendable Ears were painted teal and a ear shape was painted on using purple paint after sticking the label (5)
    • The Loonar Luminator egg was painted peach before sticking the (6)

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