Trash to Treasure: Revamping an antique plant holder

While sifting through a thrift sale, I found this beauty. This was perfect for a sunny spot to display hanging plants or small pots. It just needed a lot of work.

Here are before and after shots.

The piece was dusty, faded and had 2 loose nails at the bottom that needed tightening. Other than that, the structure was perfect.


  1. I tightened the bottom nails, sanded it, removed particulates, washed it and let it dry for a day.
  2. I used DecoArt Suede Paint in Espresso (a wood paint) to paint the entire structure (2 coats with alternate drying).
  3. Once dry, I added a few accents along the natural lines of the holder using copper metallic paint.
  4. I sprayed a sealant to protect the paint. I usually use the Krylon Clear Polyurethane. It is my absolute favorite; really easy to use and doesn’t smell too strong.
  5. Let everything dry for a day before use.

I added some experimental propagates from my snake plant and a random, unnamed succulent. Love how it tuned out.

What upcycling have you done lately? 🙂

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