Boho Home Series – Mandala Stone Art DIY for Beginners

Mandala stone art is the latest trend in the crafting world. The intricate patterns, colors and designs are eye-catching and very relaxing to create. There is a lot of room to play around with different types of paints. The best part of mandalas is that you do not need any special skills as a painter, or tools, to get great results. Here are some mini ones that I made.


  • Smooth, round and flat stones (found in beaches or available in a pack at craft stores)
  • Acrylic paints of different colors
  • Brushes of different sizes (you will use the opposite ends to create dots of different sizes)
  • A cloth to wipe off excess paint


  1. Wash and dry the stones (remove any dirt and particulates). Once dry, to make your design pop, use a base coat of black acrylic paint to cover the top surface.
  2. Always start your pattern from the center. Start with a larger brush to get a bigger dot. I use a paint palette to pour out a little color and dip from there. Place a big dot in the center of the surface.
  3. Place 4 small dots in a plus sign using the smallest brush in your set around the big dot (top, bottom and 2 sides).
  4. Fill in the remaining spaces with 2 dots each, to create a smaller circle of dots around the big dot.
  5. Continue the same dot pattern to create bigger designs with different sized brushes and colors.

You can go on as long as you want. Just do want you think looks nice to balance everything out. Mainly, have fun with it 🙂 This is a very relaxing and de-stressing DIY with colorful results.

Here are a few that I made. I did some zodiac constellations for friends’ birthdays and a few assorted ones as last minute Christmas gifts.

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