DIY Harry Potter Series – ‘Have a Biscuit Potter’ Recycled Altoids Tin

My favorite Potter DIY so far is this little recycled altoids tin with ‘Have a Biscuit Potter’ on it. I found a similar DIY on Pinterest and just had to try it out. How cute will it look hanging on a Christmas tree 🙂


  1. Old altoids or mint tin / small box
  2. Plaid cardstock, white paper
  3. Wood buttons, felt sticker paper (other odds and ends)
  4. Hot glue
  5. Mod podge
  6. Black acrylic paint, green marker
  7. Optional: Black ribbon to use as ornament


  • Clean the tin with soapy water and dry. Add 2 coats of acrylic paint and dry in between.
  • Measure the face of your box and cut out the plaid paper to size. Stick paper using mod podge. Smooth out gently with a ruler to remove bubbles.
  • Cut a smaller piece of white paper to fit into the plaid and write ‘Have a Biscuit Potter’ with the green marker. Stick using mod podge.
  • Cut a small hat shape using the felt sticker paper and stick to one side. You can glue a green feather as an embellishment.
  • Add the wood button on the other side of the writing. I had a plaid bow that I added to the top of the button.
  • Optional: You can attach some black ribbon under the lid to use as a Christmas ornament.

Your box is ready. You can store mini cookies in the box, if you wish, or some magical treats.

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