Hydro Dip Bottle Art w/ Nail Polish

I got a really cute Canadian maple leaf bottle from my friend and decided to do a hydro dip technique using nail polish.

Hydro dipping works because the polish lays on the water surface and does not mix. When you submerge the object, the paint sticks to the it providing a water proof sealant on the outside of the object while creating wavy and swirly designs. You end up with fun, creative patterns and unique pieces every time.


  1. Glass bottle or jar
  2. Assorted nail polish
  3. A deep tub or bucket to submerge the bottle
  4. A stick to creative wavy patterns
  5. Gloves
  6. Sealing spray


  • Fill the bucket about 4/5 full of water. Add 2 -3 colors of nail polish in a circular motion. Use the stick to create swirls.
  • Holding the bottle by one end, submerge it by going at an angle into the bucket to get more of the patterns and gently remove.
  • Keep holding the bottle over the bucket to remove droplets. The good thing with nail polish is that it dries quickly (5-10 min). You can re-dip the bottle by repeating the first 2 steps with different colors.
  • If not, repeat the same steps to submerge the other end of the bottle.
  • Let the bottle dry for a day. Use a sealing spray to seal the colors in and let dry for another day.

Your one-of-a-kind bottle is ready. Add flowers, plants or LED lights for a fun look.

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