DIY Harry Potter Series – Mini ‘Hall of Prophecies’ Ornament

I got this idea from Pinterest and just had to try it. Plus it would be a ‘Order of Phoenix’ themed ornament for my year long Potter exchange group. Love when everything fits together :).


  1. Old altoids or mint tin
  2. Acrylic paints – Black, midnight blue, color shift blue
  3. Old cardboard
  4. Hot glue, Mod Podge
  5. Round beads and rubber earring closures
  6. Prophecy sign label (printed from google)
  7. Black ribbon


  • Clean and dry the tin. Add 2 coats of black paint and dry in between. Add a light swirly coat of blue over the black paint and dry.
  • Measure the insides of the tin and cut out 2-3 pieces of cardboard to fit inside like shelves. Paint them black.
  • Paint the earring backs black and dry. These will form the stands on which the prophecies lay.
  • Paint the beads in the color-shift blue ( I had some glitter paint and used those as well).
  • Once dry, stick the beads on the earring closures using hot glue.
  • Stick these on the cardboard shelf and attach the shelf to the tin (I added 3 prophecies per shelf for a total of 3 shelves).
  • I had 2 spare beads left that I attached to the inner cover of the tin.
  • Stick your label to the outside of the tin and add ribbon for hanging.

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