Christmas Rose Petal Candle

I got a cute Christmas tin last year and wanted to make a nice Christmas scented candle but didn’t have the right oils. I decided on a rose scented one with dried petals in the mix.


  1. Old tin or jar
  2. Rose essential oil, dried rose petals
  3. Beeswax or soy wax
  4. Double boiler setup
  5. Wick and holder


  • I used a small metal bowl to melt my wax and placed it in tin a pan of boiling water. The wax needs to be slowly melted at an even temperature. Once melted, add 12-20 drops of essential oil (the one I have is super strong, so I only added 10 drops). Mix evenly and gently.
  • Add the wick into the tin. I was lucky enough to have some dried petals from a soap kit I had bought earlier. I used tweezers to dip the petals in wax and placed them in the tin.
  • Pour in the wax. Use a wood skewer to hold the wick in place until the wax hardens.

And voila. Beautifully floral scents await 🙂

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