Resin Series – Dandelion Blossom Paperweights

With spring here, there are many dandelions growing all over the place. Not only are the leaves good as a cleansing tea, but the blossoms are super cute, both the cheery yellow flower and the cottony white fluff. I tried to make paperweights using both types of blossoms. The cottony one worked better than the fresh flower.


  1. Two Paper cups to use as molds (these are easy to rip off once the resin cures)
  2. Resin kit
  3. Perfectly open dandelion blossoms (anyone’s front yard can work for this :P)
  4. Scissors


  • Pour water into one of the cups to gauge the volume you will need to mix the resin. I decided to make a 2″ thick paper weight.
  • Follow instructions on the resin kit and mix your resin + hardener.
  • Pour the mixture into both cups (about 0.5″ thick; you are just adding a small layer to gently soak in the blossom).
  • Gently place the blossom at the center of the cup, into the poured resin, and gently pour the rest of the resin to completely cover the blossom.
  • Let them dry in heat or under the sun for a day.
  • Gently try to poke a corner to see if the resin has completely cured.
  • Once cured, peel off the paper cups.

Your paper weights are good to go 🙂

Optional: You can add other dried flora or colorants, if desired, during the mixing and pouring steps.

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