Project Restyle: Broken Chair to Eclectic Side Table

Pretty much any old piece of furniture can be revived with a little bit of care and some DIY talent. Chairs are the easiest. I rescued this chair from being tossed out since it was missing the back and side handles. With a little bit of colored paint and a lot of fun, I converted a broken chair into this colorful side table.

I forgot to take a before shot of the dusty chair but took one after the first coat of paint. I decided on jewel tones and painted the top purple and the legs green.

After drying, I decided to acrylic pour the top of the table and used a lot of colors in small amounts. I used a straw to blow the paint in controlled bursts across the table. Once dry, I added a spray sealant to cover the surface.

Perfect to hold plants, random rocks and mandala art 🙂

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