DIY Harry Potter Series – ‘Potion No. 7’ Soothing Oil

I started doing a summer spa series of DIYs to give as gifts and to sell online. I love how some of these experiments turned out.

Today’s DIY is a soothing oil blend infused with dried flowers and herbs. This Orange-Calendula-Almond Oil infusion is grat for relaxing the mind after a long and stressful day. Orange is known to have a relaxing effect on the brain, which can help during those times when you are feeling fatigued.

To Use: Dab a drop or two on wrists, behind the ears, temples and / or under nostrils right before going to bed.


  • Small glass bottles (I found a bunch at the antique / vintage store; craft stores will also have a wide variety of bottles)
  • Almond oil, pure orange essential oil (craft stores have started selling these at an affordable rate)
  • Color printer to print the label
  • Mod podge and wood skewer
  • Dried flowers / herbs


  1. Wash and dry the bottle.
  2. Find a Harry Potter themed label online, print and cut out. Affix the label to the bottle using mod podge and let dry.
  3. Fill the bottle with the almond oil.
  4. Add 8-12 drops of the orange essential oil.
  5. Carefully insert the dried flowers (I used calendula petals) using the skewer and gently mix together.

Your sleepy time infusion is ready. You can always add more of the essential oil to get a stronger smell. I love watching the petals float in the oil. Looks like a concoction from Potions class 😀

Optional: If the bottle is small, you can always fashion it as a pendant by adding an eyelet screw and chain,and use all day.

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