DIY Harry Potter Series – Assorted Keychains

Happy birthday Harry Potter 🙂

To celebrate Potter’s birthday, I am sharing a DIY on quick and easy Potter themed keychains to give as stocking stuffers for Christmas. A very fun DIY to spend an hour on, not requiring any tools.


  • Harry Potter party pack from party city
  • Assorted magic themed items (I had some felt sweaters in house colors that I used as well as cardboard ‘magic’ signs)
  • Key rings, holders and chains (you can buy a whole pack from craft stores or amazon)
  • Push pin and jump rings


  • I used a push pin to make holes in all the paper items. I made 2 Platform 9 3/4 key chains using a set of the holders, chain and key rings, and connecting them all with jump rings.
  • I had a small gray stone that I wrote ‘Alas! Earwax’ on with a sharpie and attached to the Hogwarts logo.
  • I had felt mini sweaters in house colors that I used to make house themed chains.

Optional: You can add small keys, mini bird cages and more to fit the theme. Just have fun with it. These make cute gifts to give last minute or for random occasions.

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