DIY Rubik’s Cube Foam Tissue Box

Ever since watching Big Bang Theory, I’ve wanted to make my own Rubik’s cube tissue box, like the one seen below.

Super easy and takes very little time to make once you have everything ready.


  1. Felt (in assorted colors)
  2. Black foam board
  3. Hot glue
  4. An existing tissue box for dimensions (you can also find standard sizes online)
  5. Pencil , Ruler, Scissors, X-acto knife


  • Get measurements for a standard sized tissue box, either online or by measuring one. Cut the foam board into 5 pieces (one for either side of the box and one for the top) with an extra inch on each one to give enough room for the box to fit in it.
  • Measure the opening of the tissue box and cut out a hole from one piece (this will be the piece that fits the top).
  • Use hot glue to glue the box shape together. If you have some sections sticking out, you can file them away using an X-acto knife to get smooth edges.
  • Cut the felt into 1″ squares. You should have 3 squares per row with 3-4 rows.
    • You can see in mine that I had a bigger box and had to use more squares to cover the whole surface. It does not look like a traditional Rubik’s cube but it still works for my purposes.
  • Arrange the colored squares the way you like and glue them on to each surface.
  • Place this box over your tissue box.

Enjoy your new Sheldon Cooper approved Rubik’s cube box.

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