DIY ‘Recycled Button’ Halloween Cards

I have a lot of buttons from various outfits that I’ve collected over the years. My niece gave me the wonderful idea of using them in cards to make something unique. I love how they turned out and there is so much room for creativity with this idea.


  1. Lots and lots of buttons (some orange / brown ones would be perfect as pumpkins)
  2. Hot glue
  3. Orange cardstock
  4. Markers / paint pens
  5. Color pencils
  6. Pencil, Scissors


  • Cut out the shape of your card from the cardstock. Fold over before cutting to create a card shape with an inner flap.
  • For my first card, I glued orange and brown buttons to create pumpkins. I added some leaves and stems with green pens.
  • I used a black button to create a bat flying on top. End the image with a Fall message.
  • Inside the card, hand write whatever message you’d like using the paint pens / markers.
  • For the cobweb card, I drew cobwebs with pencil and traced over with a white pen to create silvery threads. I glued some buttons and added legs using markers.

These make very cute, unique card ideas. You can create whatever you’d like, depending on the holiday. Just have fun with it 🙂

One Comment Add yours

  1. Carol anne says:

    these look great! ❤


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