Recycled Necktie Phone Holder / Wallet

I have been having a lot of fun recycling items at home. One of my favorite projects was the recycled necktie pouch. I used some really old ties that I got at the thrift store and converted them into handy pouches for phones / wallets. These make great stocking stuffers.

Keep reading for a fun and unique DIY.


  1. Assorted neckties
  2. Hot glue, fabric scissors
  3. Fancy buttons (optional)
  4. Round velcro stickers (available at craft stores for $1)
  5. Thin sharpie for marking


  • Fold the pointed end of the tie over (this will form the opening of the pouch). Place your phone on the tie and use the sharpie to form an outline, leaving about 0.5″ on either side to allow the phone to easily fit in.
  • Fold the tie over to cover the phone, leave an extra inch of fabric and cut. This forms the pouch.
  • There will usually be an inner stitch holding the tie together. Make sure to cut that to make it easier.
  • Fold the extra inch inwards, around the end of the tie, and glue.
  • Glue all the sides to ensure a closed pouch.
  • Place 2 velcro stickers, one a tthe tip of the pointed end, and one at the middle where it meets the pouch. This forms the closure for the pouch. You can decorate the sticker by gluing buttons or other accents.

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