Boho Home Series – DIY Painted Spring Vases

I like collecting bottles of different shapes and designs. I’ve accumulated quite a few and decided to use them as Spring decor around my house. Here are simple ways to recycle glass jars / bottles. These also make great gift.

  • I tried to get a cherry blossom effect on this vase but it didn’t turn out as I imagined it would. My friend loved it though, so still a win 🙂 This is a pretty easy DIY.
    • Use a black fine brush to draw out a tree with thick branches. Use a dry semi-thick brush to dab red or pink paint on the branches. Keep repeating this to get a layered effect.
  • The easiest of all (and messy if not careful) is the hydro dip method.
    • Make sure you have a pail or bucket that you are willing to say goodbye to. Fill it with water and add drops of different nail polish colors. Dip your vase into the bucket. You will see the nail polish layer along the glass. Keep repeating with different colors to get your desired effect.

You now have 2 ways to decorate and spring-ify your home 🙂

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