Hand Painted Birthday Wine Glass – An Easy DIY Tutorial

I have always loved the Lolita wine glasses but they are crazy expensive. I figured I could make my own using a $1 wine glass and some paints. This will soon be your favorite craft project. And you can do this on regular glasses too. These make unique collectible gifts.

I made a birthday one for my friend. She absolutely loved it. My plan is to make Christmas ones for the holiday season.

What you need:

  1. Wine glass from thrift stores / dollar stores
  2. Acrylic paints of different colors and brushes
  3. Thin sharpie in a dark color
  4. Dishwasher mod podge spray or any sealant to cover your design

What you do:

  • Clean and dry your wine glass (remove dust and other particles).
  • Use the sharpie to draw out your design.
  • Use acrylic paints to color your designs. Go crazy with the colors or stick to a certain theme (totally up to you).
  • Let everything dry for 24 hours. Some designs might require a second coat of paint.
  • Once everything is dry, use the mod podge spray to apply an even coat over the entire glass (use paper towels to cover the inside of the glass).
  • Let the glass cure and dry for 15-20 days (follow the label on the mod podge bottle).

Your one-of-a-kind gift is ready. Tie a ribbon on the stem or add some wine charms to your masterpiece. Optional: You can further glam up your work by using glitter glue, gemstone stickers and more.

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