Boho Home Series – Moss Planters (A Live Alternative to Plants)

Everybody loves to have plants around. They bring you tremendous energy, clean up the air and help us relax and feel good. But if you are one of those who struggles to keep plants alive (like I was 6 years ago), your best option would be to use moss. Recently, in the world of natural décor, reindeer moss has stepped up as an alternative to plants and flowers.

Reindeer moss is a type of lichen that comes in a preserved form, which means it doesn’t require a whole lot of maintenance. Just some occasional spritzing with water. Reindeer moss comes in different colors, which means you can pick and choose to get a very artistic, living and breathing display.

What you need:

  • Old planters, mini jars, bowls etc (you do not need to have planters with drain holes)
  • Reindeer moss (you can buy them in bulk online or as bundles at craft stores) or other mixed moss
  • Mini figurines, colored stones or gravel, statues, other small items you’d like to add
  • Optional: Add in an air plant or two.

What you do:

  • Clean and dry your jar or pot. I used some really cute pots I found at the dollar store and Daiso.
  • Add a layer of gravel or stones to the bottom. This way you do not end up adding way too much moss, if you have limited quantities.
  • I used mixed moss in addition to the reindeer moss to give a different texture. Some of these have long strands and look really pretty draped along the side of the pot. I added some dark green moss to cover the gravel.
  • Over it, I layered colored moss in different shades of green, teal and white.
  • I stuffed some long moss strands along the sides, draping them along the edges.
  • I finally finished off by adding a mini butterfly and some small ceramic elephants.

And there you go! Your moss planter is ready to color your space and it will stay alive for a long time. Just spritz the moss lightly once a month or so.

Watering Tip: When you touch the moss, it should feel cool and damp. If it starts to feel dry, it is time to spritz.

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