DIY Harry Potter Series – Celebrate Dumbledore

He was the wielder and the master of the Elder Wand from 1945 until 1997, and considered by many as the greatest Hogwarts Headmaster. Albus Dumbledore died on 30 June 1997 through his own shrewd planning.

Celebrate this brilliant character by creating some Dumbledore inspired DIY ornaments. Always a great way to add on to your Christmas tree.

Dumbledore’s Army’ Ornament

A really easy ornament to make requiring an old ornament, black paint and metallic sharpies.

Dumbledore’s Army Manifest List

This is one of my favorite ornaments. Follow along with the DIY tutorial here:

Painted Dumbledore Face Ornament

This was my first DIY ever. I love how his face turned out. Here’s the DIY to follow along:

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