Recycled Wood Pallet Mug Holder: A step-by-step tutorial

This was a DIY I did about a year ago which proved to be quite useful. I have so many cute mugs I’ve collected over the years and I barely have space to keep them (I’ve also broken 2 because of  limited space 😦 ). I needed a fun way to hang them saw a Pinterest post about pallet holders. It turned into a very cute kitchen display piece while being functional.


  1. Wood Pallet (any store will have pallets of different sizes after hours; they use them to transport boxes and wouldn’t mind giving you 1 or 2. Additionally, craft stores also carry them).
  2. Sand paper (available at hardware stores)
  3. Letter Stencils and Acrylic Paint of your choice
  4. Coat Hooks – 1 or 2 packs, depending on how many mugs you want to hang
  5. Drill to screw the hooks into the pallet
  6. Screws to hang the pallet
  7. Putty
  8. Brushes – Fine tip and Thick
  9. Long Ruler
  10. Pencil and Fine Tip Sharpie


  • Use the sand paper to remove rough edges and wood bits from the pallet (wear gloves while doing this step; the splinters can be very sharp).
  • Once your pallet is nice and smooth, add a coat of champagne gold metallic acrylic paint to give it a glittery sheen and let dry (this step is optional; you can leave the pallet as is).
  • Decide how many hooks you need and where you want them to be placed on your pallet. With the ruler, make a small mark with the pencil towards the middle of the pallet. (make sure the marks are equidistant from each other, leaving enough space between hooks so the mugs do not hit each other when hanging).
  • Place the pallet on the floor and arrange your hook with the screws. Use the drill to fix the screws and hook on the pallet (I recommend using a patio / balcony / garden to do this; please be careful when drilling: wear gloves and protective eye glasses).  As you can see, mine weren’t exactly equidistant from each other or straight but once you hang the mugs you don’t notice it as much.

  • Once all the hooks have been drilled into the pallet, use the letter stencils to pencil in a fun message or word. I have 5 rows on my pallet and I put my hooks on the 3rd and 5th row. I went with “Enjoy a cup of CreativiTea” on the first 2 rows of my pallet and on the fourth row I put in “Or Kaffe”. The whole sentence becomes “Enjoy a cup of CreativiTea, or Kaffe”.
  • Use a light colored sharpie, like light blue, over the pencil lines to make the letters more visible.
  • Paint over the stenciled letters carefully using fine tip brush to outline the edges and a thick brush to color in the letters. Let dry for 30 mins (you might need to add another coat if the color you choose is light; I chose an espresso brown which was nice and dark, only 1 coat was needed).
  • Take the putty and roll between fingers to make it more supple. Add a small dot of putty to the back of the screws behind the pallet. Cover the sharp ends with the putty and gently mold the putty on either side. Once all the sharp ends are covered, drill the hanging screws into the wall to hang your pallet (you might need to use 4-6 screws to make the pallet more secure).
  • Drill screws into the wall and let your pallet rest on them. Make sure you have enough screws to give more stability.

You now have a unique way of displaying your mugs 🙂

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