DIY Cork Coasters

Make your own fun coasters for your favorite hot beverage.

You will need:

  1. Cork squares or sheet (available at any craft store)
  2. Drink themed rubber stamps (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
  3. Stamp Ink Pads – Black (Make sure you get the Archival ink pad: it dries fast and does not smudge)
  4. Acrylic Paint – Black, Beige, Metallic Champagne
  5. Paper, Pencil and Ruler
  6. Mod Podge – Gloss / Matte

What you do?

  • Use the pencil and ruler to draw alternating vertical and horizontal strips to make small squares on the coasters.
  • Use the beige paint to color in the alternating small squares on one of the squares and do the same with the metallic champagne on another square.

  • Press the stamp of your choice on the ink pad and apply even pressure. Lift the stamp and gently press it over your square, applying even pressure over the entire stamp.
  • Let the stamp dry for 6-8 hrs (some stamps will take a long time to dry).
  • Add fun sayings or quotes with the paint brush and black ink. Let dry.
  • Cover the entire coaster with a layer of mod podge (I used the gloss).                                                     

Your cute little coasters are ready for use ♥♥♥ and the mod podge will help clean spills easily. Enjoy!!!

Fun fact: Tegestology is the practice of collecting coasters or beermats. If you started collecting them, you would be a Tegestologist……Happy collecting!! 🙂

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