Welcome to DIY-ing machine.

My name is Rina and I love anything and everything to do with DIY. DIYs are definitely one of the best things in existence. Even if you could buy something, why not make it yourself and add your own unique flavor to it? The possibilities are endless. 

I got introduced to the DIY world 4 years ago and it was as if my mind had exploded. With stores like Michaels, Joann’s, Dollar store etc you can find so many ways to create something new, revamp old existing items, make one-of-a-kind gifts or unique hand made items.

With this page, I aim to share my ideas, tips and techniques, fun themed projects etc with fellow DIY-ers and get ideas in return. On this page, you will get to see more than just DIY ideas. There will be fitness tips, food tips, best places to get stuff cheap (I’m a thriftaholic), life hacks etc.

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