Kookaburra laughing will make you smile

This giggling kookaburra will make anyone smile (although he sounds like he’s either calling or scolding someone) ūüėõ

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Niagara Niagara ….

When I see Liquid, I think of water. And where else is a lot of water than at Niagara. Breathtaking views, Maid of the Mist and spectacular scenery are only a few of the wonders around this beautiful area. Enjoy a few clicks from there ūüôā

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Lord of The Rings – Greeting Cards for different occasions

I found this wonderful idea on Pinterest – Greeting cards for all occasions for those special LOTR fans.

What you need: 

  • Cardstock – Different colors
  • Fine Sharpie – Assorted colors
  • Colored pencils
  • Scissors and Pencil
  • A working printer
  • Matte mod podge

What you do:

Valentine Cards

  1. Mordor – The first card I made was a ‘Mordor‘ valentine card. I used some brown cardstock and drew ‘Mount Doom’ with black and grey pencil and colored in some flames and fire with orange and yellow. I drew a silhouette of Barad-Dur with pencil (Image 1) and filled it in with black sharpie (Image 2).Finally, I wrote the words¬†Barad-Dur and¬†Mordor¬†(Image 3). Behind, I put it in the words ‘I’d walk to Mordor for you’ and drew a heart in red.


2.¬†Eye of Sauron – I made one because I couldn’t resist the greeting that came with it. I drew a rough image of the top section of the tower and the eye with some wavy lines for flames and colored everything in with red, orange and yellow for the flames and grey / black for the tower (image 1). Finally, on top I wrote ‘i’ve got my eye on you‘ and at the bottom ‘My Precious‘ (image 2).


Hobbit: The Quest – Save the Date Card

I loved the way this turned out. I got the idea from an image search for the Hobbit’s Quest on google. I printed a silhouette of all of them heading on the quest, colored it brown to match my paper and stuck it on the cardstock. I used brown sharpie to draw an image of a dragon on the top of the paper. I drew in some faint mountains in the background (Image 1). On the back, I wrote ‘We are going on a quest for a ring‘ and added a ‘Join us on:¬†Date …’ section below (Image 2).


White Tree of Gondor – Display Card

I just wanted to include Gondor in some form and settled on this. The Gondor White Tree and Tolkien’s famous quote on the back makes for a nice keepsake display card. Cut out a square piece of card and draw a rough outline of Gondor using a pencil (Image 1). Print and cut out a silhouette of the tree and stick it over the drawing (Image 2). Write ‘Gondor’ with black sharpie (Image 3) and on the back write ‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us – J.R.R. Tolkien‘.


‘My Precious’ – Birthday Card

I used some yellow cardstock and red sharpie to do this. I drew a ring at the bottom and wrote ‘My Precious‘ above it. On the back side, I wrote ‘Happy Birthday‘ with two hearts.


Beautiful Bahrain – Why expats love living here.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an¬†island country¬†consisting of a small¬†archipelago¬†centered around¬†Bahrain Island, situated between the¬†Qatar¬†peninsula and the north eastern coast of¬†Saudi Arabia, or as I love to call it, my home ūüôā

According to ‘The World To Live‘ survey in 2017, Bahrain¬†is the number one place to live and work in the world, for quality of life. The kingdom is modern, very safe, tolerant and cosmopolitan, with a developed consumer society, access to media and entertainment, and with a cost of¬†living¬†that¬†is quite reasonable.

Some of the best memories I have are of ‘Eid’, and how the entire country would be lit up for 2-3 days. It was like a magical fairy-tale for a little girl.

6519887659_f49df881b9_bEDED1eid deco

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Boho Home Series: Ribbon Wrap Bracelets

Make your own, boho inspired ribbon bracelets / anklets. These require very basic, beginner jewelry tools.

Hanging Charm Cord / Ribbon Bracelet –


  1. Ribbon / Cord Necklace Pack from Michaels (Link: Ribbon Cord Necklace)
  2. Charms – I chose some assorted charm packs from Michaels
  3. Jump rings and lobster clasps (Links: Lobster Clasp, Jump Rings)
  4. Mini Round Nose Pliers (Link: Michaels Mini Pliers)
  5. Scissors


  1. Assemble all your materials in your work space. I chose a maroon ribbon from the pack, with attached clasps and rings for easy use. I picked a few random charms from my collection.IMG_4497
  2. I decided to have 3 charms hanging on my ribbon with a bigger charm close to the clasp. Straighten your ribbon/cord and pick 3 points on it to attach charms.
  3. Use the pliers to gently open one jump ring and attach all of the cord in, leaving the ribbon free (you can put the ribbon with the cord into the ring if you wish).                             IMG_4498
  4. Gently close the jump ring with the pliers. I found that using scissors to close the rings was easier than the pliers.
  5. Repeat this with 2 more jump rings a little distance away along the length.
  6. Use 3 jump rings to attach the charms into and hang these rings on to the existing ones on the chain.
  7. Attach a slightly bigger charm and jump ring near the clasp (I went with a Gemini charm because it looked so cute and I happen to be one).                                                                   IMG_4499
  8. Wrap the necklace 2-3 times around your wrist. The charm near your clasp will be displayed above with the smaller ones hanging below. I love how it turned out ūüôā¬†

Monogrammed Charm Wrap Bracelet –


  1. Assorted ribbon packs from Hobby Lobby РLace ribbon pack РHobby Lobby ( I chose the lace one but there are many to choose from)
  2. Charms – I chose monogram letters from the Monogram cameo collection at Hobby Lobby
  3. Jump rings and lobster clasps (See links above)
  4. Mini Round Nose Pliers (See link above)
  5. Scissors


  1. Select 2-3 pieces of different colored ribbon and make one knot each, at both ends with all 3 ribbons.IMG_4455
  2. Wrap the ribbon around your wrist twice and cut the remaining. Attach a jump ring through the ribbons at the knot (from step 1) using the pliers. Put a lobster clasp through the jump ring.IMG_4457
  3. Connect 3-4 jump rings to form a mini chain and attach it to the other knot (away from the clasp).IMG_4456
  4. Attach a jump ring through your monogrammed charm and thread it through the middle of the entire ribbon. Knot the ribbon around the jump ring. 

  5. You can leave the ribbon as is or add a few more knots along the ribbon for a chunky appearance.

Metal Word Connector Wrap Bracelet –


  1. Metal word connectors from Michael’s. (Link: Inspirational word connectors)
  2. Ribbon or cord of different colors
  3. Scissors


  1. This is the easiest to make as it does not require any tools besides scissors. Select 2-3 pieces of different colored ribbon, cord or both and lay them out. Wrap them twice around your wrist and cut away the remaining.
  2. Thread the ribbon through the connector, positioning it toward the middle of the entire length.IMG_4452
  3. Wrap the entire bracelet around your wrist and make a knot on the under side of your wrist with the word facing you.                                                                                                                           IMG_4454
  4. To make the wrapping easier, you can add clasps and rings (from the first bracelet tutorial above).

Unlikely Friendships…

Incredibly sweet videos below showing the unlikely bonds of friendship between animals of different species (from NatGeo)

1. The owl and the cat –¬†In Spain, an owl and a cat while away the hours with harmless flying and leaping games.

2. The cat and the rat –¬†Pumpkin, a cat at an animal shelter in Tennessee, finds a companion in Batman, a dumbo-eared rat.

3. The bird and the dog –¬†Merlin, a green-cheeked Conure, is a brave bird for befriending Nola, a boxer mix.

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The origin of coffee cup sleeves

Did you know???

The cylindrical cardboard thingy around a cup of coffee at starbucks is colloquially called a cup-sleeve, but is actually called a Zarf. Did you know that the little cylindrical cardboard structures attached to the outside of a coffee cup are called sleeves??

The coffee sleeve was invented in 1991 by Jay Sorensen and patented in 1995. He was driving his daughter to school and accidentally spilt hot coffee on his lap. The java jacket first appeared at the Seattle Coffee fest in 1995 and Sorensen and his wife Colleen were overwhelmed with requests and orders to fill.

Here’s a little DIY video to make your own colorful cup sleeves.

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Baby panda upset with mom

Some of the funniest videos I have seen are of baby pandas at the Chengdu panda facility in China…. Hilarious little fur balls troubling their caretaker in all kinds of ways (definitely some must-see videos).

Today’s share is one of a baby panda throwing a tantrum because mommy was focusing on food instead of him ūüôā

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