DIY Monogram Letter Pillow

This is such a cute idea… I can’t believe I didn’t think of doing this before. It adds a one-of-a-kind, unique charm to your boring couch (mine is an ugly gray so anything helps jazz it up). All you need is a light colored pillow or pillow case.IMG_0121


  1. One light pillow / pillow case
  2. Black or any dark colored sharpie (thick and thin)
  3. Pencil
  4. Any doodle design ideas from google images

What you do:

  • Find a monogram letter design from google to use as a base to draw on your pillow. Draw an outline of the letter with pencil followed by the thick sharpie.IMG_0113
  • Start doodling (anything works… curls, circles, dots, waves etc). I used google for inspiration.Untitled
  • Use thick sharpie to draw the outlines and the thin sharpie for details.
    • The sharpie smells strong so I would advice using a nose cover or taking breaks to breathe in fresh air.
  • And ta-daaa…. You’ve got custom pillows for your home 🙂 Untitled1

Boho Home Series – DIY Old Book Planter

This is the cutest DIY idea I’ve come across in a long time. This adds the perfect amount of rustic charm to your home or office space.Untitled


  1. An old, vintage book (I know it will hurt to cut it up but if you can’t read it anymore, why not recycle it in a fun way)
  2. X-acto knife
  3. Pencil and ruler
  4. Cling wrap / plastic bag
  5. Elmer’s glue (to keep your book pages intact)
  6.  One real succulent plant (preferably small) or a fake succulent
  7. Gravel, sand, moss and other decorations


  • Find an old, vintage book that is not too thick. Open the front cover and on the title page; under the title of the book, mark an 8 cm x 8 cm square with a pencil.
  • Use the x-acto to cut out the square and do the same for all the inner pages, leaving 10-15 pages from the end of the book. This takes a lot of patience and time.Untitled
  • Once you have a decent depth cut out, line the square with cling wrap or plastic.
  • Add some gravel to the bottom (if you have enough space) and add the plant on top.
    • If you use a real plant add some of the original soil with the plant to help it grow (add a little water to keep the soil moist).
    • Some plants you can use are air plants (Tillandsia) or succulent cacti.IMG_0100
  • For fake plants, decorate the planter with gravel, sand, moss and other decorations.
  • Find a good spot to display your creativity. I used a mini fairy statue and random shrubs I had laying around.Untitled

If you want to make hanging terrariums instead of stationary planters, visit my DIY terrarium post: Live Plant Terrariums

DIY Harry Potter Series – Harry’s Birthday

Auror Harry James Potter (b. 31 July, 1980), was a half-blood wizard and the main character in a wonderful series that spawned multiple years and generations.

After the second Wizarding War, Harry and Ron Weasley revolutionized the Auror Office and with Hermione’s help advanced the rights of magical creatures and eradicated the old pro-pure-blood laws. He became the new head of the Auror department under the new wizarding government.

Remember Harry and the amazing franchise by making these cute DIY tree ornaments for Christmas 🙂

Summer Coaster DIY

This is a re-share from my DIY post last year. Felt like the perfect time to share this again. You can avoid those annoying water rings and drips from chilled glasses with these easy cork coasters. And they don’t require a whole lot of cleaning.

Follow the DIY here: DIY Coaster Craft



World Emoji Day

Happy world emoji day 🙂 🙂

An unofficial holiday celebrated on July 17th. In 2014, Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia founded World Emoji Day. He chose July 17th for the date because it displayed in the “Calendar Emoji” for the Apple calendar.

Celebrate the emoji – a small digital picture or icon by using them in all your social media and text messages. Additionally, you can celebrate by wearing emoji merchandise;

  • Like these awesome emoji shoes I purchased 😀



DIY Harry Potter Series – HP Button Magnets

Make some fun mod-podge fridge magnets, buttons or pins with your favorite characters or franchise 🙂 I, of course, chose Harry Potter as my theme.



  1. Matte mod podge
  2. Dimensional magic mod podge
  3. Paper cut outs of symbols / characters
  4. Blank stamping metal discs (These are what I used, they are thin and easy to work with; link: Impress Art Soft Blanks)
  5. Magnetic strip roll (you can find them at any craft store; link: Magnet Strip)


  • Find images of your favorite characters, symbols, crests etc on google (print them on regular paper in a smaller size to match your blank circles). Cut out the images as smoothly as you can using the circle as a template.                                                                    IMG_5870
  • Using a brush, add a layer of mod podge to the cutout and carefully place it over the blank circle and firmly press down to stick. Gently roll the brush over the image to remove bubbles. Let dry for 10 mins.
  • Even out any paper sticking out from the end of the circle.                                                           IMG_5864
  • Use the dimensional magic podge to gently form a layer over the image and let dry overnight (poke out any bubbles using a pin when wet). Use the link here to learn how to use dimensional magic podge; Basics of DIYing – Mod Podge and its uses
  • Once dry, you will see a dimensional quality to your image. Repeat for the other images.
  • Cut out small squares from the magnetic strip roll and stick firmly on the back of your circle. Your magnets are ready to be used.                                                                                  Untitled

Optional step: Instead of magnets, hot-glue some blank pins and wear them as brooches.

Summer DIY fun – Mod Podge and it’s uses

Summer is the time for relaxing and enjoying vacation from school and also, it is the time for DIY (you’ve got all that time on your hands after all). Why not make some fun, simple home decor items by using mod podge. You definitely don’t need a lot of tools.

This post focuses on basic mod-podge learning and using techniques. You can learn how to add shine to something plain, stick all kinds of materials on other materials, give a 3D look to projects and play around with fabric designs without the time consuming act of sewing.

Learn how to here:

Basics of DIYing – Mod Podge and its uses

Beauty & The Beast Inspired Rose Glass Art

IMG_4715I got this Beauty & Beast rose lamp with a little twinkly light string from Amazon a few weeks ago.

So absolutely adorable ♥♥

I wanted to make a B&B themed art piece to go with it and settled on a rose with the beast looking over it.

I looked up images of the rose and added a picture of the beast looking over it. This was going to be my template but I got distracted by other pictures and decided to add on more to the final piece (it was a pretty big glass frame after all).


This is how the final image turned out.


I split the glass into 2 sections, one with the beast looking past the rose and the other of beauty looking into the distance with a bookcase and stairs behind her.

What you need:

  1. An empty glass photo frame from the dollar store
  2. Permanent black sharpie and pencil
  3. A working printer
  4. Glass paints and a black glass liner (See product link here: Michael’s Glass Paints)
  5. Assorted multi-surface paints (if glass paints are unavailable)

What you do:

  • Remove the glass from the frame carefully and clean it (gently rub with a soft cloth to remove dust).
  • Add your image print out under the glass (I printed pictures of the rose and the beast and joined them by drawing a cloak using a pencil).                                                       IMG_4554
  • Make sure the template is firmly in place under the glass and start to trace the template using the black liner (See link to one of my previous Boho Series’ posts on how to use glass paints: Boho Series: Recycled Lamps)
    • For beginners, using the liner with precision can be difficult. You can use a brush to add the liner but this takes a lot of time and patience. You can use a black sharpie to draw the design on glass (see image of Beauty below). You can either let this dry and leave it as is or slowly add the liner on top.                              IMG_4572
  • Once the liner is added, let it dry for 24 hrs. Now comes the fun part. You get to color everything in. I started with the rose and stem, in red and green respectively.  Let the paint dry for 24 hours.                                                                                                                 IMG_4575
  • I found out that most craft stores have discontinued individual glass paint bottles due to low demand so I had to resort to multi-surface paints which don’t work as well (they are not translucent and form a solid layer as seen in the beast’s face). I did the bookcase with assorted regular paints and Belle’s dress in yellow.                        IMG_4582
  • I colored everything else in and used the sharpie to darken a few outlines.
  • Once everything is dry (24 hrs), put the glass back in the frame over a white piece of paper for your colors to show through.

This is how I arranged the image behind my lamp. I love how the little lights illuminate sections of the image 😀