Recycling old records – Bob Marley Portrait

My friend, who loves Bob Marley, has her birthday coming up soon. A recent trip to the Ripley’s odditorium showed me the perfect gift for her, if I had the time to make it; a Bob Marley image created using broken record pieces. Recycling at it’s best 😀


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DIY Harry Potter Series – Triwizard mini dragons and HP symbols / signs

Mini Dragons: You will need mini dragon figurines from Michaels (See link: Safari Ltd – Dragons). You can get them for $3-$4 with a coupon. I used images from Harry Potter Wiki to work on the features and details of each dragon.

  1. Common Welsh Green: A green dragon with gold extremities.
  2. Chinese Fireball: A red dragon with gold extremities and grey spikes.
  3. Hungarian Horntail: A black dragon with metallic bronze horns, yellow eyes and spikes (use metallic black to add a sheen to the dragon).                                                         IMG_3822
  4. Swedish Short Snout: Silvery blue dragon with silver spikes and blue extremities.               IMG_3755

Deathly Hallows Symbol: This is pretty easy to do. Print out a small deathly hallows symbol in black / white (based on the size of your ornament) from google images. Use mod podge to stick the image to a white ornament. Use 2 coats and let dry for 30 mins between each.IMG_2152

HP Logo: Again, use google images to get an idea of the font and draw it on a red ornament with a black sharpie. Once it dries, paint over it with gold metallic paint and let dry. Add a thin coat of mod podge and dry.                                                                                             IMG_1821

Hogwarts Sign: I used some letter tiles from Michael’s that I strung using brown twine. Paint the letters with the colors from the 4 houses (red, yellow, green, blue).                          IMG_1988IMG_2101

The basics of DIYing – What to choose and what to use.

I finally completed my one year anniversary on WordPress this January 😀 😀

During this wonderful year of DIYing and sharing on my blog, I came across questions from bloggers on what basic tools / media/ paints etc to pick when creating projects and I wanted to use this post to give a generic outline on a few of the different materials, paints, sealants and other supplies available at craft stores.

Materials: Any and every material is open to use when DIYing –

  • Paper – The easiest to use, of course, but not the most stable.
  • Cardstock/Cardboard –  A little stiffer than paper but is thicker and stays stable longer.
  • Wood – You can do wonderful, long-lasting projects using wood but it requires a few more tools than plain glue.
  • Cloth / Fabric – Easy to work with. For basic projects, all you need are scissors and a fabric glue to create lovely decor items.
  • Air dry clay – This a lot of fun to work with and no major tools needed. You can make wonderful crafts just using your fingers and some paint.
  • Mixed media – This gives you a lot of texture and dimension. You can combine paper, wood, cloth, tile, burlap, paint etc.

There are definitely a lot more options to work with that have not been listed here. A lot of upcycled projects are getting popular; using shipping cartons, toilet rolls, cereal boxes, plastic or old metal cutlery, egg cartons, cans etc.

Types of paint: How do you decide what type of paint to use? There are so many options out there. This usually depends on the skill of the DIYer.

  • Acrylics – These are my favorite to use. This is perfect for beginners because you can wipe them or paint over to cover mistakes, they are easier to clean since most are water-based and rarely leave stains anywhere.
  • Watercolors – Easiest to use and do not stain surfaces. A little goes a long way so they stay for a while. It is not easy to cover up mistakes which makes this a hard choice for beginners.
  • Oils – These paints are more permanent than the others. You can create fine details and a lot of depth in your work but these can get quite messy and are difficult to clean out.

Sealants: A sealant is a thin covering over your project to help it last longer, prevent quick dust build up and protect it from other elements.

  • Clear glue – Perfect for sticking and a thin layer of it on top with a brush will keep your project clean for a while.
  • Mod podge – Perfect for decoupage and pretty much any DIY project. There are matte and gloss (depends if you want a clear or shiny coating). You gently add it on using a foam or sponge brush.
  • Spray sealant – Easy to use over glue and dries faster. It does have a strong smell and can get a little messy. The Krylon clear sealant is my favorite as it dries fast but you have to be careful with handling.

Some essential supplies any beginner or pro DIYer needs :

  1. Scissors – For basic cutting of pretty much any material.
  2. X-acto Knife – For fine and detailed cutting.
  3. Hot Glue Gun – Used on a variety of materials, to bond them together.
  4. Spray Paint – Perfect for painting larger projects quickly. Make sure to have some in common colors.
  5. Regular acrylic paint with brushes – For smaller projects. Buying a paint set would be the easiest option.
  6. Washi Tape – These are colorful, designed, thin rolls of tape for decorating the most boring surface with the least amount of work to create adorable wall decor or even brighten up something old. Way easier than using paints and waiting for them to dry.
  7. Cardstock in different colors – Cheap to buy and can be used to make wonderful, long lasting cards, photo collages, posters etc.
  8. Elmer’s glue – For gluing paper and other light materials to make cards, place holders etc.

A few easy DIY beginner projects that are also functional (with how-to links)

  1. Air-dry clay bowls – Create cute display bowls for your keys, coins, jewelry etc (How-To Video)
  2. Washi Tape DIYs – Decorate old phone cases, make bookmarks etc with washi tape (How-To Video).
  3. Cardstock Exploding Box – Perfect for any occasion and makes for a memorable gift. I made a minion birthday box for a friend and it was a huge hit (Minion Birthday Box)
  4. Mint Box Earphone Holder – A cute upcycled idea using old mint boxes to prevent tangled earphones (Mint box earphone holder)
  5. Faux Fur Monster Box –  Not a beginner project but definitely easy to do with the right materials and perfect for Valentine’s day which is coming up (Li’l monster munchkins)

I hope this post helps to address any questions regarding what to choose and use for your projects. Feel free to ask questions or get ideas in the comments below 🙂

Game of Thrones: Joffrey Baratheon crown

Wear the Baratheon Crown and feel like royalty.

What you need:

  • White Cardstock (or any other stiff paper): 5-6 sheets
  • Krylon metallic gold spray paint (This is the one I used; Michaels Gold Spray Paint)
  • Scissors and thread
  • Elmer’s glue and transparent tape
  • Acrylic paints – Metallic light rose gold, Glitter bubble gum pink

What you do:

    1. Use some thread to wrap around your head to get the right dimensions. Cut the cardstock into strips (1.5 inch thick) and attach them with tape and glue to the thread’s measurements. Connect the 2 ends together with glue making sure you leave extra in case you need to make adjustments.                                                               IMG_3570
    2. Cut out the design of the crown using the template provided (Crown Templates). I needed 4 for the entire width of my head (I used some spare grey cardstock and some white; the color does not matter since you will be spray painting them).             IMG_3564
    3. Use the tape to attach the templates to your circular base. Once your positions are secure, glue the templates on and remove the tape gently.                                                          IMG_3571
  1. You will need another template for the circular base (refer the template attachment from step 2). Cut 4 out and stick on the base with glue. This is how the template looks.IMG_3573
  2. Spray paint the entire structure with the gold paint and let dry. Add 2-3 coats for uniformity (be careful while spraying as the paint can and will stain everything).                 IMG_3600
  3. Paint the oval egg shaped structure from your first template with the rose gold and let dry. Paint over it with glitter bubble gum. This is to represent the stones on the crown but using actual gem stickers makes the crown hang because of the excess weight.

    And your crown is ready. Wear it and rule, but not like Joffrey.


DIY Tier Display Stand for your Collectibles

First DIY of the year. Worked on something generic to start off instead of my on-going series’ 🙂

Looking for a way neat, clear way to store your endless bottles of makeup / nail polish or even action figures and models?

Here’s the wonderful home-made solution for that 🙂 Mine looks incredibly girly but change out the lace / flowers and use a more neutral color / scheme to get something more suited to guys.



  1. Foam board from the $1 store
  2. X-Acto knife / Scissors
  3. Pencil and compass
  4. Patterned card stock paper (3-4 of the same design)
  5. Hot glue
  6. Toilet paper rolls – 2
  7. One long screw / nail
  8. Accessories: Washi tape, gemstone stickers, other accents

What you do:

  1. Measure out 3 circles of different sizes (you will need a small, med and large) on the foam board. I used the compass for the small and medium circles and a huge plate I had for the big circle.
  2. Use the knife to cut out the circles. Gently scrape off the excess bits from the sides until they are smooth. 

  3. Cut the cardstock for each circle and glue them on using the hot glue. Use a ruler to gently spread the glue out so there are no bubbles (I went with a light teal colored, striped paper).                                                                                                                                           IMG_3102
  4. Attach the small circle to the bottom of the large one (the uncovered side) using the screw. Push the screw all the way into the both foam circles (find the center of both circles for the screw to go in) and make sure it is firmly in. (This step helps you rotate the display. You could also glue on wheels to move it around but stick to miniature ones to match the size of the display).                                                                           IMG_3103
  5. Cover the toilet paper rolls with the cardstock (cut them out to fit around the roll evenly).
  6. Find the center of the large circle and measure out the toilet paper roll at the center. Glue the roll on.
  7. To the base of this roll, attach the medium sized circle (this forms the top layer of the display).
  8. To the medium circle, attach the last toilet paper roll. Cut out a 2 inch strip of the cardstock and glue it around the edge of the circle.
  9. Use the washi tape to cover the edge of the base circle and add a small strip of it to both rolls somewhere in the middle.
  10. Add on some stick on flowers, gem stone stickers or glitter glue to jazz it up. 

And you’re all set. Display your treasures as you please.

Feel free to play around with your color options. Maybe some gray and black for action figures or a solid, bright color for figurines.

I used mine as a nail polish holder and added some ribbon to the base circle to divide it into sections for better organization 🙂


Harry Potter Christmas Tree (after a whole year of DIYing)

I started my blog in January of this year as a way of sharing my Harry Potter DIY tree ornaments. My plan was to have a HP themed Christmas tree and I wanted to make sure I gave myself plenty of time to get my decorations ready. And now Christmas is finally here….

After a whole year of creating, learning, experimenting with different art/craft tools and blogging / sharing on WordPress, I finally have my tree all decked up and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how it turned out.

I feel so proud right now 😀 😀

WARNING: Lots of pictures ahead.



I printed a few google images of the Marauder’s map to use as a base for my tree to stand on. I added my Hedwig stuffed toy I got from Universal studios, a few wands I had made earlier this year and other HP related books and items (the most interesting one being a quill with a holder and Azul blue ink).


I printed a few signs from the shops at Diagon alley for my wall, as a background, and printed Hogwarts house crests to create banners.


At first I thought of splitting the tree into sections, one for each of the 4 Hogwarts houses, but I just liked the idea of having everything mixed in together with little sections for each person / house.

A few of the memorable and fun ones I created are:

The Potions section: Feel free to check out how to make these little potion bottles here (DIY Harry Potter Series – Potions Class)                                                                                                      IMG_3843

Mini HP character ornaments: The newest character I did for the tree was Luna Lovegood. I added her S[pectrespecs and a blue ornament for Ravenclaw. To make your own, follow the instructions from my DIY HP character series (DIY Harry Potter Series – Dumbledore, McGonagall and Draco Malfoy)                                                                             IMG_3850

Voldemort and his Horcruxes: This was the most fun because it was also challenging trying to figure out what medium and material to use for the different horcruxes. I truly love how everything turned out, especially the Gaunt Ring. (DIY Harry Potter Series – Voldemort and his Horcruxes)



Honeydukes Sweet Shop: I love how all the different treat boxes make it seem like I’m actually there 🙂 (DIY Harry Potter Series – The Intoxicating World of Honeydukes)                   IMG_3859

Mini Weasley and Hogwarts House Sweaters: This was a last minute quick DIY with some spare felt and metallic acrylic paints. Really easy to create and super cute.


Air dry clay series: I found some great YouTube videos that show how to make Cornish pixies and mandrakes out of clay. I felt inspired and used the remaining clay to make a Hogwarts trunk.


Platform 9 3/4 sign: I had an old sign about chocolate that I recycled into the platform 9 3/4 sign (DIY to follow soon).                                                                                                                         IMG_3884

Origami Howler: This was my greatest google search ever, in my opinion. I used regular colored paper to make the howler (works just as well as origami paper) Here’s the video link I used; Origami Howler Video                                                                                                              IMG_3845

The best part of this entire tree for me is the fact that all decorations were made by me and I love that 😀 If you’re inspired to make your own themed tree, I’d love to see the end result 🙂

Happy Christmas everyone ♥♥