Game of Thrones: Sharpie Quote Mugs

I’ve wanted to design my own mugs for a long time but have always had a fear of using my oven. I finally decided it was high time I did it (and inaugurate my oven at the same time).IMG_3541


  1. A few white mugs from the dollar store
  2. Oil based sharpie pens (available at any craft store)
  3. Acrylic sealer spray ( I used the Krylon acrylic crystal clear sealer)
  4. Duct tape, paper and pencil


  • Wash and dry the mugs thoroughly. Draw a draft of your design on paper to see how it looks. Copy the design using oil based sharpie pens ( I used black, silver and gold). This step involves free hand drawing (you can always use some rubbing alcohol or cleaning supplies to wipe off any mistakes).
  • Once your design is on, let the mugs dry for 24-48 hrs.
  • Place the mugs in the oven at 350 deg for 30 mins (put the mugs in before pre-heating so they gradually warm up with the oven).
  • After baking the mugs, leave them untouched for 24 hrs.
  • Add an inch of painter’s tape to cover the rim of the mugs and spray them with the sealer (spray 2-3 inches away from the mugs to reduce the force of the spray can to avoid bleeding of the design).
  • Let dry for 2-3 days. Touch a bottom section of the design to make sure there is no bleeding.
  • Your mugs are ready to use. Gently wash the outsides with a soft cloth instead of a hard scrubber to keep your design on longer.

I made a few G.O.T mugs and a trinket holder as gifts for my friends 🙂



→ I noticed that the metallic sharpies worked better and stayed on without bleeding compared to the black sharpie.

→ The trickiest part of the entire DIY is writing the words on the mugs (try using a pre-cut stencil template instead of free hand writing).


Game of Thrones: Joffrey Baratheon crown

Wear the Baratheon Crown and feel like royalty.

What you need:

  • White Cardstock (or any other stiff paper): 5-6 sheets
  • Krylon metallic gold spray paint (This is the one I used; Michaels Gold Spray Paint)
  • Scissors and thread
  • Elmer’s glue and transparent tape
  • Acrylic paints – Metallic light rose gold, Glitter bubble gum pink

What you do:

    1. Use some thread to wrap around your head to get the right dimensions. Cut the cardstock into strips (1.5 inch thick) and attach them with tape and glue to the thread’s measurements. Connect the 2 ends together with glue making sure you leave extra in case you need to make adjustments.                                                               IMG_3570
    2. Cut out the design of the crown using the template provided (Crown Templates). I needed 4 for the entire width of my head (I used some spare grey cardstock and some white; the color does not matter since you will be spray painting them).             IMG_3564
    3. Use the tape to attach the templates to your circular base. Once your positions are secure, glue the templates on and remove the tape gently.                                                          IMG_3571
  1. You will need another template for the circular base (refer the template attachment from step 2). Cut 4 out and stick on the base with glue. This is how the template looks. IMG_3573
  2. Spray paint the entire structure with the gold paint and let dry. Add 2-3 coats for uniformity (be careful while spraying as the paint can and will stain everything).                 IMG_3600
  3. Paint the oval egg shaped structure from your first template with the rose gold and let dry. Paint over it with glitter bubble gum. This is to represent the stones on the crown but using actual gem stickers makes the crown hang because of the excess weight.

    And your crown is ready. Wear it and rule, but not like Joffrey.


Game of Thrones: Iron throne phone holder

By far my favorite DIY yet…. Your very own G.O.T iron throne phone holder.


  1. An extra thick sponge from the dollar store ( it comes 3 to a pack).
  2. A leather strip (Link here: Leather Trim)
  3. A box of cocktail swords from the dollar store ( I got a pack of 100 for $1.00)
  4. Hot Glue
  5. Scissors, X-Acto Knife
  6. Toothpicks
  7. Krylon Spray Paint – Dark anvil grey


  1. Leaving 1 inch from the edge of the sponge, measure the dimensions of your phone’s base and cut out the little rectangle with the knife.                                                     IMG_3035
  2. Cut the sponge in half. On the half that has the rectangle, cut out a 1.5 inch at the center. On the other half, make a corresponding rectangle to fit into the small opening.IMG_3036
  3. Join the 2 halves together at a 90 deg angle, to look like a chair.                                         IMG_3037
  4. Cut out 2 small strips of another sponge from your pack and attach to the sides of the chair as arm rests ( I had to use a green one…. the color doesn’t matter since you will be spraying it with the paint).                                                                                                        IMG_3049
  5. Use 2-3 toothpicks to secure the 2 pieces together at the base.
  6.  Cut out small strips from the leather with a triangle shape at the end. You will need to make a lot of these strips to cover the entire chair.IMG_3048
  7. You will need to make some longer strips to cover the entire seat of the chair, leaving enough room to drape over the cut out.
  8. Use hot glue to attach the strips all over the chair. Make sure the strips hang a little past the chair on all sides. 

  9. Start gluing the cocktail straws, all around the throne, by using a google image as reference. 

  10. Spray the entire chair, swords and all, with the grey paint (Do wear gloves and do this outdoors. It gets pretty messy). You will need 2-3 coats. Let it dry for 24 hrs.                             IMG_3126

Hide the inner bits of sponge with more layers of leather and paint.

And it’s ready 😀 My phone looks so royal now. I took a picture with my phone case so you could see how it fits.


Game of Thrones: Mixed Media Fan Art

With season 7 of GOT here, I wanted to temporarily fill up an empty spot above my TV with some of the key players from the season.

A very simple DIY to create. You can choose your favorite characters and customize as you please.

You will need:

  1. Silhouettes of your characters from google images (simply print on regular A4 sheets)
  2. White Canvas
  3. Pencil / Scissors / Elmer’s Glue / Thick Brush
  4. Thin / Thick Black Sharpie
  5. Color pencils – Red, yellow, orange, black, grey
  6. Champagne gold metallic acrylic paint

What you do:

  1. Arrange your silhouettes the way you want them to look on your canvas. IMG_2655
  2. Add a light coat of the acrylic paint on the canvas and let dry.
  3. Use a pencil to draw an outline of a wolf and color it grey with a bit of black. I did at the top left corner of the canvas.IMG_2656
  4. Based on your silhouette arrangement, pen the following sentences in using the same font as observed on the show’s posters and art (you can copy the font from google images). I went with …
    • King of the North
    • Kingslayer
    • Queen of the Dragons
    • Valar Morghulis
    • I drink and I know thingsIMG_2654
  5. I drew an open starburst shape and colored it with the red, orange and yellow pencils. I will be sticking the silhouette of Daenerys over it. I added a dragon over her shoulder with red flames coming out of his mouth.                                                                                                        IMG_2697
  6. I stuck all the silhouettes on using glue. Make sure you evenly brush the silhouette to remove any air bubbles. Let everything dry. IMG_2698

I added some extra detailing around Sansa… a bird, leaves and a few dots here and there (don’t know why lol). And there you have it… Your custom made fan art 😀

Game of Thrones: Dragon Eggs

The most memorable part of Season 1 for me were when Daenerys sees her eggs for the first time and after, when they hatch. I tried to make my own Khaleesi eggs and they turned out pretty decent, although I did get impatient with the last one.

What you need:

  1. 3 wooden eggs (Link: Michaels Egg)
  2. Stiff card stock paper (preferably light colored)
  3. Spray paint – Dark Basil Green, Maroon, Light Ivory
  4. Mod Podge – Matte
  5. Hot glue – Lots of it
  6. Pencil and X-Acto knife / Scissors
  7. White granulated sand (Link: Michaels Sand Granules / White)
  8. Paint palette

What you do:

  1. Cut the card stock paper into little scaly pieces of different sizes (like a curved triangle_. You will have to make a lot for 3 eggs; this can be very time consuming and annoying, honestly (but you’ll be so relieved when you’re finally done).IMG_2536
  2. Clean and dry your eggs. Use a pencil to draw lines as strips around the egg as a base for sticking your scales.IMG_2534
  3. Start by sticking the first scale at the bottom. Use hot glue across the middle of the scale and firmly stick it on. Keep doing this all around the circle.IMG_2537
  4. For the circle right above, offset the first scale in between the bottom two, and stick the top of the scale. Keep doing this all around until you reach the top of the egg. Make sure you use the fatter scales at the bottom and the thinner ones as you get to the top. Do this for all 3 eggs.
  5. Use the spray paint to color the eggs green, red and white. You will have to use 3-4 coats. Let it dry for 24 hrs.IMG_2581
  6. Add some sand in 3 cups of the palette and spray paint each color into each cup. Mix uniformly to get green, red and white sand.
  7. Add some matte mod podge to the base of the egg and add the corresponding colored sand to the bottom of the egg to give it an old, buried, fossilized look. You can haphazardly also coat a few scales. Repeat this for all eggs and let dry.

    You can place them in a box lined with fake grass to complete the look. As you can see, I got a little impatient with the white egg so the scales aren’t evenly stuck on :(.


Game of Thrones: House sigil fridge magnets

Display the symbol of each house with their motto by making these awesome sigil fridge magnets 🙂FullSizeRender_3

You will need:

  1. 4 wood cutout shapes: 1 circle, 2 rectangles, 1 plaque (Link: Michaels Wood Shapes)
  2. Acrylic Paint: Bright Yellow, Metallic Gold, White, Red
  3. Black and Red Sharpies – Fine and Thick
  4. Elmer’s Glue
  5. Pencil & X-Acto knife
  6. Magnetic strips (Link: Michaels Magnetic Strip)
  7. Printed template of the house sigil (slightly smaller than the wood cutout)

What you do:

  1. FullSizeRenderI decided to make 4 house magnets – Stark (of course), Lannister, Targaryen and Baratheon. Paint the circle and plaque shapes white (for Stark and Targaryen, 1 rectangle red (Lannister) and 1 rectangle yellow (Baratheon) and let dry.
  2. Use the template to draw the different animals on your shapes. If you are not very comfortable drawing, cut out your house templates and stick them on the shapes with glue and dry.
  3. Use the pencil to put in the name of the house and their motto (you can do a google search to find the font used).
    • Stark – ‘Winter is Coming’
    • Targaryen – ‘Fire & Blood’
    • Lannister – ‘Hear me Roar’
    • Baratheon – ‘Ours is the Fury’
  4. Use the red sharpie to pen in the details for House Targaryen and the black sharpie for the remaining houses. Dry for 10 mins.FullSizeRender_1
  5. Cut the magnetic strips to fit and stick them to the back of your shapes.FullSizeRender_2
  6. Stick them at your favorite spot on the fridge 🙂

Game of Thrones: DIY Map of Westeros

Adorn your wall with this wonderful homemade map of Westeros, for all the Game of Thrones fans out there 🙂 


  1. Canvas board
  2. Background acrylic paint of your choice (I chose green)
  3. Stiff paper – Color of your choice (available at any craft store)
  4. Elmer’s Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. Pencil
  7. Black Sharpie


  1. Paint your canvas with your color of choice. I chose a light leaf green. Let it dry overnight.
  2. Print out a template of Westeros from Google, print and cut it out (this is what I used; Map Outline). Use it as an outline to draw on to your stiff paper ( I went with a dark gray paper to create a good contrast).
  3. Cut out the outline from the paper.                                                                                               IMG_2493
  4. Use the glue to stick the cut outs on your canvas. Smooth the paper evenly to avoid air pockets or bumps.IMG_2494
  5. Enter the names of the different houses with the sharpie. Do a similar map for Essos as well. You can also get a bigger canvas and stick both on the same map. IMG_2533

You can also make 2 maps of Westeros, one at the beginning of the show and one after season 6. There will be crazy changes in which house owns what, that’s for sure.