Friendly Friday – Something Different – New Pet Shenanigans

The most prominently different thing for me this past week has been adopting a baby chinchilla, as a companion to my older one. Chilli is the older one at 10 years and Pepper is 18 weeks old. This isn’t too different for me since I already have one chin but it’s different observing their personalities…

Friendly Friday – Rails

Not really connected to rails or trains in anyway but the pattern on this iron chair reminds me of rails. Took it at Zion while feeding a little sparrow who joined me for breakfast đŸ˜›

Friendly Friday: Odd Couple – Beauty & The Beast

This prompt gave me a wonderful opportunity to share my odd couple, ‘Beauty & The Beast’, after watching both the 1991 and 2017 versions. I loved the movie growing up but now I think about how weird it was to have a prince turn into a beast by a random enchantress and then turn back…

Friendly Friday: Simple Joys

For this week’s ‘Simple Joys’ challenge, I share with y’all my li’l fuzzkins… my Chinchilla, Chilli. Just looking at her gives me the sweetest pleasure. I like nothing better than to drink some coffee and watch her curious face exploring everything around her đŸ™‚

Friendly Friday: ‘All In A Row’

I finally joined a photo challenge called ‘Friendly Friday’ by Amanda at Something To Ponder About. This week’s challenge was ‘all in a row’ and I thoiught my recent trip to the Candytopia exhibit was a perfect example. All of the portraits were created by sticking different pieces of candies in rows to create the effect….