DIY Harry Potter Series – Weasley Wands

We can all agree that we love the Weasleys. From Molly’s motherly nature, to the havoc the twins cause, to Arthur’s strange muggle fascination and to brothers Bill and Charlie whom we don’t hear much about, everything about them is wonderful and magical. And their home… Oh I just love the location clock in the kitchen and the self-washing dishes.

Today’s post is dedicated to the Weasleys; a collection of their wands that you can give out at HP themed parties in case someone forgets theirs, or just keep for yourself and wear different Halloween costumes to match 🙂

weasley wands

What you need:

  1. 8 chopsticks
  2. A few sheets of A4 paper
  3. Acrylic Paints – Black, Barn Red, Golden Brown, Espresso,
    • Metallics: Bronze, Silver Grey, Brass, Dark Gold
  4. Hot Glue
  5. Toothpicks

What you do:

Firstly, look up images of all 9 wands for each member of the family – Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred & George, Ron and Ginny (9 in all). The basics of wand making can be learnt in one of my earlier posts which I used for some of the wands (Link: DIY Wand)

  1. I started off with Arthur, Molly, Percy and Ginny wands because they are the easiest and quickest. You will need 4 chopsticks and 4 sheets of paper. Wrap the sheets around the sticks as in the DIY mentioned above.
  2. Once that is ready, use the hot glue to create the same swirls for Arthur / Percy and lines for Molly and Ginny (use the template as a reference).If you make a mistake, you can always peel off the glue once it dries and start again. The Ginny one was a little more intricate; see image below for a clearer idea.
  3. Paint Arthur, Molly and Percy wands gold. Use the Bronze to accent the lines lightly for a more shaded look.
  4. Paint the Ginny wand black and use silver grey for the accents.                                           ginny1
  5. I used chopsticks without the paper for the remaining coz I ran out of paper 😦 For Bill’s wand, paint the stick espresso and dry. Use the glue to make a dome shaped structure with swirls and indents on the top of the wand, as per the template and dry. Paint it espresso, dry and add a light coat of silver grey.bill1
  6. For Charlie’s wand (which is basically Ron’s 1st wand that broke), paint the stick golden brown and let dry. Add one thin line on top and 2 thin lines 2.5 inches from the top and dry. Paint the lines with the espresso.charlie
  7. Fred’s is a little trickier. His wand has rows of  notches and protrusions. Use the hot glue to create a dot and use the toothpick to spread out the dot to create thin lines. After the line dries, cut the swirl near the tip and bend it upward (like a rose thorn). Do this for 9-10 rows and let dry.fred
  8. Add 3 more little thorns below the last row in a staggered fashion (see image for further clarification). Paint everything espresso and dry.fred1
  9. For George’s, cover the top 4 inches of the stick with paper and glue to together to form a dome shaped cover. Use hot glue to add thick swirls right below the paper, as in the template, and let dry. Add thinner swirls below the thick ones and dry. Paint the entire wand gold. Paint the thick swirls with the red and the thin ones black. Let
  10. Use a thin brush to paint zigzag lines in red on the paper covered section and let dry.george1
  11. Ron’s wand, his new one, is similar to Bill’s. Use the glue gun to create the design as in the template and paint the entire thing espresso. Cover the top dome shape in a light coat of silver grey.ron

I painted the names of the wand holders on the side at the bottom, so I wouldn’t get confused. Place the wands in a jar to hand out. You can do the same for Death-eaters, Dumbledore’s Army, Triwizard contestants etc. Have fun 🙂

DIY Harry Potter Series – Voldemort and his Horcruxes

Next in the HP series: The Evil, The Awful… “You Know Who”….and his Horcruxes.

To make a Voldemort Ornament:

You will need one ornament, pencil, acrylic paint (dull white, black, grey).

Paint the ornament a dull white color. Add 2 layers and let dry. Use a pencil to add some slit like eyes, two lines for the nose and a downward tilting mouth. Draw a line at the base of the ornament to indicate his cloak (luckily he has no hair so you’ll have no worries painting that).


Highlight all the line with grey. Use the black paint and the back end of a paint brush to draw eyes. Make 2 small dots in the eyes with the white paint and let dry. Use black to paint the cloak at the bottom. Your evil Voldemort is all ready.   img_2063

Harry Potter:

Harry was an accidental Horcrux created by Voldemort. Follow DIY Link here (Harry Potter DIY) to make.


Perhaps the easiest to make. Just buy a small black rubber snake from any craft store and paint dark gold and brown triangles all along the body. Add a few swipes of white along the body at random points. Place two dark gold dots to the eyes and… Voila. She’s ready.

Slytherin Locket:

You will need a print out of the Slytherin locket (front and back; Link: Slytherin Locket), Antique looking oval locket (available at any craft store), Podgeable Glass Domes (Link: ModPodge Domes), Mod Podge Matte, Scissors and Glue, Green Glitter Glue (optional).

  1. Cut out the front and back of the Slytherin locket and glue them together.
  2. Use an oval glass dome from the podgeable shapes and lay over the cutout. Glue the dome to the cutout using mod podge matte and let dry (hold the dome firmly over the image for a few second till the glue sets).
  3. Place the cutout into your antique locket (trim to fit). Make sure you find a locket slightly bigger than the dome shape… I’m still looking for a decently old looking locket to use. Perhaps a good hunt at an antique store might help 🙂
  4. Your Horcrux is ready. Put your own special blend of magic into it but remember…hide it somewhere safe and make sure R.A.B doesn’t find it.
  5. Optional Step: You can use the green glitter glue to highlight the green gemstones in the letter S of your printout before adding the glass dome.

Tom Riddle’s Diary:

You will need black leather trim (Link: Michael’s Leather Trim), Gold fabric fine tip pen, beige cardstock, Elmer’s glue and scissors.

  1. Prepare the diary’s cover and pages following the “Harry Potter Spell Books and Book Covers” (See link: HP Spell Books)
  2. Dampen your finger in water and gently rub over the pages to make them look worn.
  3. After preparing your diary and letting the glue dry, use the gold pen to fill in details (borders and “tom riddle’s diary”). Let dry for 45 mins.IMG_2117
  4. Use a push pin to make a small hole in the book’s spine and add some wire to hang.

Hufflepuff Cup:

Easiest DIY to make. Get some mini trophies and paint them with some detailing to create the cup. (Full DIY post here: Hufflepuff Cup DIY)

IMG_2171 2

Ravenclaw Diadem:

This takes a little more time and patience to do. Follow DIY post here: (Ravenclaw Diadem DIY)

Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring:

The Gaunt ring was the first Horcrux to be made by Voldemort. Dumbledore used the Gryffindor sword to destroy it as a Horcrux, although the curse upon it still remained.

You will need moldable air-dry clay (white; see link Joanns Air Dry Clay), Acrylic Paint – Black, Metallic Glorious Gold, Dark Gray, paper & pencil, Elmer’s glue, hot glue, small square of wax paper, X-acto knife

  1. On the paper, draw a rough template of the ring and the stone. You can find scores of images on google. Cut out the outlines. For the stone, I drew four individual triangles and glued them together to form the dome shape.
  2. Take a small section of clay and roll between palms to get a nice, smooth ball. Lay the ball on a flat surface and flatten it out (use a rolling pin pr even a pencil to get an even surface, make sure there is a thickness of at least 0.5 inch to give structure to your shape).
  3. Place your ring template on the mold and cut out it’s shape using the knife (be careful with this step).
  4. Using a toothpick, gently draw the fine details on the ring (this is the template I used; Gaunt Ring Design) and let the clay ring dry overnight.                                                IMG_2426
  5. Mold and flatten another piece of clay (make sure you flatten the clay on wax paper, makes it easier to peel off). Add your stone outline over the clay and gently trace out the design using the smooth end of a pen or nail tool, to form the indent into the clay.
  6. Gently peel off the clay and cut off the excess portions around your square. Let dry overnight.
  7. Paint the ring with the metallic gold and the stone square black and let dry for 30 mins.
  8. Use the dark gray paint to draw 2 thin lines as borders on the stone’s edges. Add the deathly hallows to the center of the stone and let it dry. Here is the template I followed (Stone Design)IMG_2496
  9. Add 2 dots of hot glue to the 2 horn like protrusions on the top of the ring and stick the square on top. Make sure it is attached securely. You can add more hot glue and paint it gold after it dries. 

DIY Harry Potter Series – Time Turner

The Time Turner is one of the most important magical items in the 3rd harry potter book. No way could Hermione have attended all of her classes, or most importantly, saved Buckbeak without it. It resembles an hourglass on a necklace and today’s post is a DIY time turner mini tree ornament.

You will need:

  1. Gold foil doilies (Link: Michaels Gold Doily)
  2. Toothpick
  3. Elmer’s glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Star shaped paper punch (Michael’s Star Punch)
  6. Circle shaped paper punch (Michael’s Circle Punch)
  7. Gold colored twine
  8. Fine Black Sharpie

What you do:

  1. From the doily, cut out the plain, circular portion. Very gently, using a toothpick, lightly trace an hourglass image in the center of the circle (from end to the other).     IMG_2234  IMG_2235
  2. Make tiny holes, outlining the hourglass, using the toothpick. Use the star punch to randomly punch a few stars on either side of the hourglass.                                                 IMG_2236
  3. Use the circle punch to do the same. Use the toothpick to add tiny holes in the remaining space.     IMG_2237
  4.  Cut two small rectangles from the remains of the doily and attach them with glue at the top and bottom of the hour glass shape (half the tab should stick out of the doily).
  5. From the designed cutout (the remains from when you cut the circle in step 1), cut two strips of the doily. Glue them together to form a larger circle and glue them to the tabs forming the first ring around the time turner.                                                           IMG_2238
  6. Repeat step 4 and attach the tabs to each side of the hourglass, on the outer ring.
  7. Do the same as step 5, to get a slightly bigger circle and attach that to the first, smaller ring, using the tabs.                                                                                                            IMG_2239
  8. On the time turner, in the book, are the words ‘I mark the hours, every one, Nor have I yet outrun the Sun. My use and value, unto you, Are gauged by what you have to do‘. Using the sharpie, write the words ‘My use and value, unto you, Are gauged by what you have to do’ on the inner ring and ‘I mark the hours, every one, Nor have I yet outrun the Sun.’ on the outer ring.
  9. Cut a small section of the gold twine and attach it to two points on the outer ring with glue, to form a loop.


DIY Harry Potter Series – Ravenclaw’s Diadem

The Ravenclaw Diadem (Lost Diadem), is the only known relic belonging to Rowena Ravenclaw. On it is inscribed: Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure. It was stolen by Helena Ravenclaw, Rowena’s daughter who hid it before she was killed. Voldemort later acquired it by murdering an Albanian peasant and made it his fifth Horcrux.

What you need:

  1. Princess Tiara from any craft store (you can also get tiaras from the wedding sections at the craft store but those are more expensive)
  2. Acrylic Paint – Royal Blue, Metallic Silver, Metallic Zinc
  3. Dark Blue and Silver glitter glue
  4. Silver gemstone stickers
  5. String of clear, oval shaped beads (Link; Michaels Clear Beads)
  6. Hot Glue Gun

What you do:

  1. This is the tiara I got from Hobby Lobby in the party section. I could not find one with an oval shape, but oh well. This works just as well.                                                                        ra1
  2. Paint the centre heart with the blue and let dry. Use 2 coats. Paint the other pink circular stones with the silver paint and let dry (also 2 coats).                                                     ra2
  3. Add blue glitter glue to the blue stone. Completely cover it and let it dry for 24 hours.     ra4
  4. Paint the entire tiara with the metallic zinc and let dry (this gives it an old, tarnished look). Cut two of the glass beads, with string, from the rest of the strand and hot glue it to the centre of the tiara (right below the blue gem).                                                                ra5
  5. Use the hot glue to draw a bird shape on the tip of the crown (I connected the 3 prongs of the tiara together with glue to look like a bird’s head with the beak facing the left side). Hot glue the gemstone stickers all over the tiara. Let everything dry for 30 mins.ra8
  6. Use the metallic silver paint to paint over the tiara, leaving a few spots of the darker zinc to make the tiara look old. Let dry and add silver glue over the paint. Let dry for 24 hours.ra9
  7. Use a dark blue or black, fine sharpie marker to write the words “Wit beyond measure is” on the left base of the tiara and “Man’s greatest treasure” on the right base of the tiara. Preferably, use a fine tip marker to create precise lines (I used a thick sharpie and it smudged the letters together instead of leaving it nice and small 😦 ).                                                  IMG_2258

DIY Harry Potter Series – Triwizard Golden Egg

This post is an easy DIY to make the golden egg used as a prize in the first task at the Triwizard Tournament.

What you need:

  1. Golden easter egg (available at any craft store; easier to find in the months close to easter)
  2. An old egg carton laying around
  3. Acrylic Paints: Metallic Gold, Dark Espresso for detailing (or dark brown fine tip marker)
  4. Hot Glue
  5. Scissors and Pencil
  6. Thin and Thick brushes

What you do:

  1. I purchased a box of golden eggs from Michaels for a dollar (since it’s pre-easter time, everything is on sale).IMG_2207
  2. Cut one egg cup from the carton; trim it so you have a perfect, circular cup (be careful and do not poke yourselves).
  3. Make 5 slits from the ends to the center of the cup.                                                                           IMG_2201
  4. Fold outward to form a flower like shape and trim the thickness of each petal to form a skinny triangle. Use a pencil to measure the length and thickness so all triangles are uniform.IMG_2210
  5. Paint the entire cut out with metallic gold paint and let dry for 30 mins (if the egg doesn’t match, paint the egg the same gold as the cutout).                                                                                                          IMG_2221
  6. Fold the petals inward. Add hot glue to the center of the cutout and stick it to the top of the egg. Hold firmly for a few seconds till attached.                                                                IMG_2227
  7. Add hot glue to the petals and stick them to the egg. Paint over the visible hot glue with gold paint and let dry for 30 mins.
  8. Search on Google for ‘Harry Potter Golden Egg’ (Link: Golden Egg Details) to find the details to draw on the egg. Use a brown marker or paint to put in the details and let dry.

DIY Harry Potter Series – Triwizard Trophy and Hufflepuff Cup

Next in the HP series is Cups / Trophies, specifically the Triwizard Cup and Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup. The Triwizard Cup was made in 1294, the date when the tournament was established. The Hufflepuff Cup was a magical, golden cup with a badger engraved on the side and was the fourth horcrux created by Voldemort.

For the Triwizard Cup:


  1. Mini trophies (Link: Michaels Mini Trophies)
  2. Acrylic Paint – Pale Blue, Metallic Zinc
  3. Hot Glue Gun
  4. Pencil


  1. Paint the body of the trophy with the pale blue and let dry. Use 3 coats.
  2. Paint the handles, the rim, the neck and base with the metallic zinc. Use 3 coats and let dry.
  3. With a pencil, lightly trace out the letters TRI-WIZ-ARD on the body of the trophy (3 letters / section; the WIZ will be to the center of the trophy and the TRI and ARD on the sides. Use a template from google as a reference).
  4. Paint over the letters with the metallic zinc and let dry.
  5. Use the hot glue gun to draw a curve going down the neck to the base of the trophy, indicating a dragon tail. On both handles draw thick lines going down and a huge thick drop on top of the handles for the dragon’s body and face. On either side of the letters WIZ draw thin lines from the bottom of the body till 1/2 inch below the letters. Let dry.
  6. Paint over all the hot glue with the metallic zinc (2 coats) and let dry.


    For the Hufflepuff Cup:

    Materials: Same trophy as above, Acrylic Paints – metallic bright brass, metallic glorious gold


  1. Paint the entire trophy with 1 coat of the gold and let dry.
  2. Use a thin paint brush to draw a shape of a badger with the brass paint and other details from a google image template. Let dry.



DIY Harry Potter Series – Flying Ford Anglia

The biggest highlight for me in The Chamber of Secrets was the flying car. The car was a Ford Anglia 105E Deluxe, light blue, modified by Mr. Weasley to fly, as well as to be invisible, via the use of an installed Invisibility Booster. It was also adjusted to fit eight people quite comfortably.

I wanted this car to be my tree topper but I didn’t have enough cardboard to make a huge car. So I decided to stick to my mini theme and make a teeny version of it out of some old crisp tissue + foam paper I had laying around from a Godiva chocolate box. This paper worked out perfectly because I could fold it, paint it, draw on it and also glue stuff to it (be sure to save all the packing paper/foam from boxes, you can use them for all kinds of glorious stuff).

What you need:

  1. Print out a sideways template of the car from google images (I used this template: Car Template)
  2. Thin / Thick Sharpie Marker – Black
  3. Acrylic Paint – Light Blue, White, Black, Metallic Zinc

What you do:

  1. Cut the car’s outline from your template and place over the foam paper. Trace the outline with the thin black sharpie marker. Lightly put in details like the door outline, handle, steering wheel, the car wheels, headlights etc. Cut out this outline from the foam.IMG_2108
  2. Paint the entire car light blue except for the windows and wheels (don’t forget to paint both sides, I almost did). Paint the windows white. Let everything dry for 30 mins.IMG_2107.JPG
  3. Paint the wheels except rims black. Put in fine detailing with the thick back sharpie, over the blue paint (door outline, handle, window outlines, steering wheel, headlights etc).IMG_2110
  4. Paint the wheel rims with the metallic zinc and add a horizontal line across the middle of the car. Let dry.                                                                                                                           IMG_2163


And your flying car is ready. Attach some clear string to the top and hang from the ceiling to make it look like it’s flying.

Optional step: Print out small images of Ron and Harry looking scared and stick them over the front window. Print a small cage with Hedwig in it and some books for the back window.

DIY Harry Potter Series – Dumbledore’s Army & Famous Magical Sentences

Dumbledore’s Army, briefly known as Defense Association, was a secret organization started by our 3 favorite wizards: Harry, Hermione and Ron. They played a very important role in educating their friends and colleagues in spells and how to use them which proved to be useful later as we’ve seen. I decided to make a DA scroll; essentially la list of DA names with their trademark symbol.

You will need:

  1. Beige or Dusty Cream Card Stock
  2. Pencil
  3. Fine Tip Pens – Dark Brown, Maroon
  4. ToothPicks
  5. Scissors
  6. Acrylic Paint – Maroon
  7. Elmer’s Glue

What you do?

  1. Cut out a strip of the card stock (thickness of 2 fingers, length: 3/4th of your palm).
  2. Gently roll the strip completely and unravel. Repeat 2-3 times to make the cardstock more pliable.
  3. Gently knead the strip between fingers folding and unfolding it for a few minutes.       img_2034
  4. Use the pencil to pen out the DA logo (just type in Dumbledore’s Army Logo on Google) an inch from the top of the scroll. Write over it with the maroon pen. Let dry for a few mins.
  5. Use the brown and maroon pens to write down the names of some of the prominent members of the DA, in different handwriting (I put Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Weasley twins, Luna, Neville, Cho and the Patil twins).img_2040
  6. Cut the pointy ends from 2 toothpicks and glue them to both ends of the scroll. Roll the toothpicks one time and glue again to seal them in.                                                             img_2055

You can either leave the scroll like this or roll it completely and tie with some cord.

I had some spare disposable polystyrene bowls and boxes laying around so I cut them into different shapes and used them to pen in some of the memorable HP statements:

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”“9 3/4”, “I open at the close” and “It’s Levi-O-Sa, not Levio-Saa”. I used black and red sharpie markers for detailing and metallic bright gold / dark gold paints for the snitch. Just make a whole at the top with a push pin and add some cord.

I will be putting in a few more statements later if I have enough space on my tree 🙂

IMG_2056.JPG img_2098 img_2102

DIY Harry Potter Series – Spell Books and HP Book Covers

What is the PotterVerse without the Hogwarts education? All the painful learning of spells, memorizing potions and all the ingredients…it can be quite exhausting. But we gotta have them in our HP themed world. This post is a DIY on spell books and making HP book cover garlands.

Materials for Spell Books:

  1. Felt of different colors ( I went with some spare brown and blue felt I had)
  2. Metallic acrylic paint or paint pens (Gold, Silver)
  3. Elmer’ Glue
  4. Rubberband or Binder clip
  5. White / Beige Cardstock
  6. Scissors and Pencil


  1. Decide how big you want your book to be (I wanted a mini book for my tree).
  2. Use a pencil to make rectangular shapes in the cardstock and cut them out (these will be the pages in your book).                                                                       img_2032
  3. Join them together with the rubber band or binder clip and glue one side with Elmer’s glue. Just put a few drops of glue and use your finger to rub it back and forth across the stack. Let dry for 20 mins.                              img_2037
  4. Measure your felt and cut out a long and thick enough strip to cover 3 sides of your stack of paper, while leaving a little bit on each side. Cut out some cardstock to glue inside the felt to give it more rigidity.img_2033
  5. Glue the cardstock into the felt and let dry. Fold the felt + cardstock on to the stack to form the book cover, making a slight fold at the spine of the book.
  6. Add some glue to the spine of the felt and attach the stack of paper firmly, applying even pressure. Let dry.IMG_2038.JPG
  7. Use the metallic paint or pens to write the name of the book on to the felt and let dry. I decided on Gilderoy Lockhart’s Gabbing with Ghouls but the paint did not sit too well with the felt. Pens might be better options. But I like the scraggly look of the writing so I’ll keep it.img_2049

I also made one of the first year books using the blue felt. The name ‘The Standard Book of Spells’ was written with silver paint. I definitely plan on making some more books but I will use the paint pens (they have better control and do not smudge).

For the Book Covers:

I printed the book cover templates from google images (there are many floating around; I just chose the ones I liked).img_2096

I cut them to the size I wanted and joined them together with yarn and Elmer’s glue to form a little garland.                                  img_2097


You can also glue them together in a circular shape to form a wreath but you will have to print a lot of covers.


DIY Harry Potter Series – The Intoxicating World of Honeydukes

img_2057If you’re an HP fan, then you obviously know all about Honeydukes, the wonderful candy store at Hogsmeade. This vast cornucopia of sweets and treats was first started by Ambrosius Flume and his wife (I had no idea) and has delighted thousands of wizards. Naturally, I would need to have some treats on my tree, especially after visiting the store at the HP world in Orlando. I even got to try some Fudge Flies….Yum!

This DIY post is super easy because all you have to do is print a ready made, avaliable online template and fold / glue them together (I got all of my templates by searching on pinterest).  Here you will get to see the Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans box made with some beans in it (there’s definitely going to be ear wax and vomit in the mix).

What you need:

  1. Print out the Bertie Bott’s box template (see link Bertie Bott’s Template)
  2. Pencil
  3. Elmer’s Glue and Tape
  4. Scissors / Razor Blade or X-Acto Knife
  5. Thin Plastic / Cling Wrap
  6. Jelly Beans (I got a small box of Harry Potter flavored jelly beans from Barnes & Noble)
  7. Red Ribbon (Optional)

What you do:

  1. Print out the template in the size you want (I printed a smaller size to make a mini box but I will do the DIY with a bigger template to make it easier to understand).
  2.  Cut out the little window from each vertical section.
  3. Cut out the outline of the entire template using an X-Acto knife or blade for the finer details.
  4. Fold the four vertical sections inward to form a column. Also, fold all the extra tabs on top of each section as well as the bottom.
  5. Cut small strips from the clear plastic and tape it to the inside of the four window cutouts.
  6. After folding all the bottom tabs, glue or tape them together (one on top of the other) to form your base.img_1802
  7. If adding jelly beans, put them into your box before closing the top.
  8. Use a pencil to mark a line on all the folded sections to form slots so your tabs can go in easily. Cut the pencil lines using scissors or a knife.img_1872
  9. Push the tabs into the slots and either tape or glue them close.
  10. Make small holes at the top to add your red ribbon and tie with a bow.img_2061

These boxes make cute gifts for fellow HP fans or if you have a HP-themed party these make perfect return favors. 🙂

I printed some other candy templates from Pinterest as well and pretty much followed the same process above to fold them. You can add the plastic film to some windows or leave them uncut. These are some of the few I made. Just hot glue twine or cord and hang from your tree.

img_2058  img_2059 img_2060

  1. Chocolate Frog – Template; Link
  2. Peppermint Toad – Template; Link
  3. Sugared Butterfly Wings – Template; Link
  4. Fiery Black Pepper – Template; Link
  5. Fudge Flies – Template; Link
  6. Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum – Template; Link
  7. Cauldron Cakes – Template; Link
  8. Honey Dukes Labels – Template; Link

For the chocolate frog box, I got some frog shaped molds from Amazon (see link; Frog Mold) and made frogs for each of my boxes to give as gifts to some of my HP crazy friends. Just melt your chocolate of choice, pour into the mold and refrigerate for 30 mins. Pack the frog in the box and either tape or glue it shut. You can also use the same or smaller molds for the peppermint toads.