Merry Christmas All :)

Merry Christmas Everyone. Have a happy, healthy and joyous celebration this year. Stay safe and sanitized 🙂

DIY Harry Potter Series – Howler Halloween Card

Halloween is almost upon us.. And I am that person who’ll make cards instead of buying them. A lot of creativity and unique ideas come that way, and being a HP lover, my card had to be a HP one ( I was thinking of a Dementor card but the Howler turned out way better)….

DIY Harry Potter Series – Easy Wands for Halloween

With Halloween almost upon us, it seemed like a good idea to share an easy way to make wands for cosplay. You only need paper, chopsticks, paint and hot glue. Here are detailed instructions to make a generic wand for use. Make Your Own, One-of-a-Kind Harry Potter Wand If you’d like to make character specific…

DIY Harry Potter Series – Acrylic Painted Repurposed Wall Clock

Hello everyone 🙂 I just wanted to share a quick repurposed project: converting an old clock into a Harry Potter themed one. You can do this with any old clock you find with a flat surface. Materials: 1 old clock from any thrift store (preferably with working hands; if not you can always buy and…

DIY Harry Potter Series – Mini Ravenclaw Room from Odds & Ends

I’m loving how this turned out. I think making minis is my new favorite hobby 🙂 Since Ravenclaw is my HP house, I made that mini. You will need: Lots of recyclable odds and ends such as straws, bottle caps, spare cloth, old cardboard boxes and foam Hot Glue, Scissors Paints / Scrapbook Paper Color…