DIY Harry Potter Series – Mini ‘Hall of Prophecies’ Ornament

I got this idea from Pinterest and just had to try it. Plus it would be a ‘Order of Phoenix’ themed ornament for my year long Potter exchange group. Love when everything fits together :). Materials: Old altoids or mint tin Acrylic paints – Black, midnight blue, color shift blue Old cardboard Hot glue, Mod…

DIY Harry Potter Series – Spa Gift Ideas

Lots of fun, great-smelling DIYs in this post for y’all to enjoy and give as gifts (or sell online for some extra cash). I’ve turned my home into a chemistry lab of sorts. I have wax melting in one corner for candles, whipped butter for lotions and soap molds with beakers in the other corner….

Merry Christmas All :)

Merry Christmas Everyone. Have a happy, healthy and joyous celebration this year. Stay safe and sanitized 🙂

DIY Harry Potter Series – Howler Halloween Card

Halloween is almost upon us.. And I am that person who’ll make cards instead of buying them. A lot of creativity and unique ideas come that way, and being a HP lover, my card had to be a HP one ( I was thinking of a Dementor card but the Howler turned out way better)….

DIY Harry Potter Series – Easy Wands for Halloween

With Halloween almost upon us, it seemed like a good idea to share an easy way to make wands for cosplay. You only need paper, chopsticks, paint and hot glue. Here are detailed instructions to make a generic wand for use. Make Your Own, One-of-a-Kind Harry Potter Wand If you’d like to make character specific…