High School Dance Team’s Harry Potter Routine

The Walden Grove High School dance team in Arizona performed a Harry Potter-themed dance routine at their school’s homecoming assembly. The dance video has gone viral after the team stunned the audience with their moves, perfectly choreographed to the beat of popular R&B hits along with audio clips from the films.


DIY Harry Potter Series – Daily Prophet Newspaper

Remember the scene in Harry Potter when he is reading the Daily Prophet. You can read yours too by following this simple DIY.

What you need –

  • A good, working b/w printer and A4 sheets
  • Elmer’s glue or matte mod podge
  • Scissors

What you do:

  • First, google daily prophet images to create your own story and print them. Lay out your pages and decide which 2 pages form the front and back covers of your paper.
  • Glue the printed sections of both sheets on the same side by joining the 2 ends of the paper to form a book cover. This will be the outer cover of your newspaper.            IMG_E0050
  • After choosing two inner pages, glue them back to back. Do the same for all other pages so you have images on both sides of the paper.                      IMG_5477
  • Use the glue to attach each glued page (from the step above) to the main cover. Let everything dry (these pages will be slightly thicker since they were glued together). Fold 0.5″ of the pages and stick one fold over the other like in the image below.IMG_5533
  • You can either roll up the paper and tie it with some twine or leave it open.

Here are a few that I made. These are quick to make and perfect gifts for HP lovers.

You can also make Quibblers like Luna has by following the DIY here: DIY Harry Potter Series – Loony Luna Lovegood

DIY Harry Potter Series – Hermione’s Birthday

Minister Hermione Jean Granger (yes, she’s a minister now), born on September 19, 1979 possessed a brilliant academic mind, and proved to be a gifted student in almost every subject that she studied. We know about Basilisks, Time turner and S.P.E.W because of her.

Following the Second Wizarding War, Hermione went back to Hogwarts to complete her education and found employment with the Ministry of Magic, furthering the cause for the better treatment of house-elves. By the year 2019, she had become the Minister for Magic.

Remember Hermione and her achievements by making these creations that are unique to her.

 1. Hermione’s Wand – DIY Harry Potter Series – Hermione’s Wand



2. Time Turner – DIY Harry Potter Series – Time Turner

My first Harry Potter Convention … ‘LeakyCon 2018’ … Part 2

Part 2 of the LeakyCon experience (you can check out part 1 here: My first Harry Potter Convention … ‘LeakyCon 2018’ … Part 1)

The badge ribbon exchange / collection: These are 6″-7″ ribbons that you can collect or trade at the event with other Potterheads to stick at the bottom of your badge.IMG_0219

I was lucky enough to get 14 ribbons in all from some very generous people.

Usually, you get 1 or 2 in your swag bag and the rest you trade with ribbons of your own or other hand made HP items. The best part about ribbons is they’re all different and unique. The bright colors hanging from your badge are also eye-catching.


A lot of vendors bring ribbons as well and the marketplace is usually the best place to find them. Also, Facebook has a LC ribbons group where people can meetup to exchange. By the end of the event, you’ll have a nice stack of ribbons to be proud of 😀 This is also a fun way to showcase your handmade talent.

Random fun, free goodies: You also get other fun stuff like pins, bookmarks and other stuff. I got one item from each house except Gryffindor 😦


I found this ‘Crest Crossed’ etsy store’ which combines different houses coz not everyone is purely from one house. I registered as a Ravenclaw – Slytherin on one of the online tests and bought a bookmark to match that. You can check out the etsy store for more fun merchandise.IMG_0218

If you want to see more pics of all the different costumes and characters from the event, check out the LC 2018 review by Mischief Managed here: LeakyCon 2018 Review

My first Harry Potter Convention … ‘LeakyCon 2018’ … Part 1

The weekend of Aug 10-12, 2018 marked the first Harry Potter convention in Dallas… LeakyCon 2018 … and it was a fabulous experience. Selling over 15,000 tickets, moving from a smaller to bigger location, getting to volunteer to see what goes on behind the scenes for such a huge event and meeting a few famous stars marked only a few of the exciting moments for me 🙂

In this post, I will take you on my ‘LC’ journey from the moment I got there till the final exploration of all the stalls. This will be a long post so bear with me but there will be tons of pictures 🙂 Part 2 of this post will focus on ribbons and other free random HP knick-knacks.

First, the glorious entrance (a lot of selfies were taken here and near the LeakyCon signs).


Next, I got my Volunteer t-shirt, badge and finished orientation.


We had to fill a lot of ‘swag bags’ for the attendees, with an LC book about the event, schedules for each day, a sticker, pen and a book in a shiny, silky emblazoned purple bag. Inside was a map of the entire area, guest star biographies and blank pages to get autographs.

My first stall in the marketplace was a ‘Potions’ stall (there were many of them). Lovely hand-crafted glass bottles of potions in their original book descriptions with sparkly quills.

IMG_0191 Untitled

Next was a furniture, signs and odds-n-ends store. They had this awesome deathly hallows table which I’m totally going to try and make 😀 The death mark book and the tealight candles definitely accentuate the table.


And signs and plaques from the books and movies. These two were my favorite.


The last section was assorted stickers, magnets, wands, socks etc all neatly arranged in a fabulous way.IMG_0172.JPG

On the way to the next stall, I saw a woman with this creepy Dobby head sticking out of her backpack. Had to take a pic.IMG_0195

The next stall was a carved item store (the carving was made with rubber and clay, I think). It was very squishy to touch.

Try to spot tiny Hedwig hiding in the second image 🙂


Lastly, the jewelry store. There was a huge tree with lit up branches with all the chains and pendants hanging. My fav was the time turner necklace. Very intricately designed and created.Untitled1

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the LeakyCon series where I post about the wonderful ribbon trade / exchange. Definitely the most fun part of any Potter event, interacting with other Potterheads and trading different printed ribbons or other handmade crafts.

There will be more pics 🙂

DIY Harry Potter Series – HP Button Magnets

Make some fun mod-podge fridge magnets, buttons or pins with your favorite characters or franchise 🙂 I, of course, chose Harry Potter as my theme.



  1. Matte mod podge
  2. Dimensional magic mod podge
  3. Paper cut outs of symbols / characters
  4. Blank stamping metal discs (These are what I used, they are thin and easy to work with; link: Impress Art Soft Blanks)
  5. Magnetic strip roll (you can find them at any craft store; link: Magnet Strip)


  • Find images of your favorite characters, symbols, crests etc on google (print them on regular paper in a smaller size to match your blank circles). Cut out the images as smoothly as you can using the circle as a template.                                                                    IMG_5870
  • Using a brush, add a layer of mod podge to the cutout and carefully place it over the blank circle and firmly press down to stick. Gently roll the brush over the image to remove bubbles. Let dry for 10 mins.
  • Even out any paper sticking out from the end of the circle.                                                           IMG_5864
  • Use the dimensional magic podge to gently form a layer over the image and let dry overnight (poke out any bubbles using a pin when wet). Use the link here to learn how to use dimensional magic podge; Basics of DIYing – Mod Podge and its uses
  • Once dry, you will see a dimensional quality to your image. Repeat for the other images.
  • Cut out small squares from the magnetic strip roll and stick firmly on the back of your circle. Your magnets are ready to be used.                                                                                  Untitled

Optional step: Instead of magnets, hot-glue some blank pins and wear them as brooches.

DIY Harry Potter Series – Writing Quill and ‘HP Quotes’ Bookmarks

My HP loving friend (an even crazier fan of the series than me) has her birthday in two months and, of course, I had to give her something HP themed.

She loves traveling and writing so I got her a travel journal to pen down her thoughts. I made a quill for her to write with and some HP quote bookmarks to mark her finished pages.

For the Quill – Harry uses an eagle feather quill to do his homework and to write letters to Sirius. I wanted to make something similar.

I looked for one that was brown and white to match the eagle feather. You will need, in addition to the feather, hot glue, white paint, a ball point pen and scissors.

  • Cut an inch of the stem of the feather, at the base (see image below).                                                                             Untitled
  • Remove the ink tube from your pen.
  • Using scissors, gently pry open the base of the cut feather to make the hole bigger and fit the ink tube into the base (as much as it can go; image below).                                                                Untitled
  • Cover the joined portion in hot glue, making thick swirly designs. Let dry.                      IMG_5162
  • Repeat 2-3 times till you have a solid coating of the glue and the feather is attached firmly to the ink. Let dry.
  • Paint the hot glue with the white paint to blend with the stem of the feather. Let dry and add 2 more coats and dry.                                                                                                           Untitled

Your quill is ready for use.

For the Bookmarks – These are the bookmarks I made. I already had the travel book with some lovely travel based quotes written on each page.


I made a happy birthday card in the HP font and added a birthday quote on the other side. The quote was ‘May your day be filled with golden snitches (drawing) and wands (drawing) and harry potter (drawing) and butterbeer (drawing)’.

For the first bookmark, I wrote ‘Working hard is important, but there is something that matters even more… believing in yourself‘ and drew a deathly hallows symbol at the bottom with some star shapes around.


For the second, I used ‘Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic‘. I wrote Dumbledore’s name and stuck a silhouette of his face. I added a golden tassel to the side and drew a thick border around the words.


For the third, I used a quote by J.K.Rowling ‘The stories we love best stay with us forever. Whether you come back by page or by big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you‘. I added an image of glasses plus scar to the bottom right. This was a long rectangular bookmark, about 10″ long to fit through the book without a tassel.


I added the happy birthday card through the second page of the travel book and stuck the 3 bookmarks through three sections of the book. Some nice wrapping and it’s good to go 🙂


DIY Harry Potter Series – Quibblers, Quibblers Everywhere.

I made my first Quibbler magazine last year for the HP festival in Philadelphia. After a lot of pestering and nagging by my friend, I put it up on ebay and sold it for quite a bit of money. This inspired me to make a few more just to see if I could sell them. I successfully sold 10 and decided to make more for the center table in my HP themed room.


I find the entire process of searching for appropriate cover pages and inner pages quite enjoyable. Finding the different pages and deciding what goes in which book is a fun way to spend a few evenings. Here are 8 that I made for myself. If I have a few cover pages left over, I might just stick them on my wall 🙂


If you want to make your own, follow the DIY here: DIY Harry Potter Series – Loony Luna Lovegood

DIY Harry Potter Series – Horace Slughorn’s Birthday

fullsizerenderProfessor Horace Eugene Flaccus Slughorn (b. 28 April) was a Potions Master, Head of Slytherin and the person who educated Voldemort about Horcruxes, enabling him to create his seven.

Celebrate his birthday and the making of mystical potions using this simple DIY technique – DIY Potions Class

Optional Step: You can also fashion the resulting bottles into pendants by attaching a chain through the loop at the top.

DIY Harry Potter Series – Platform 9 3/4 hanging sign

IMG_4351I made this as part of the decor for my Harry Potter tree for Christmas last year. It took two days to complete and looks great.

Plus, I sold two of these on eBay for a great price in their collectibles section and feel quite proud 😀 😀

What you need: 

  • An unfinished wood panel (available at any craft store)
  • A hanging bracket + chains (available at any hardware store; cheaper from Amazon)
  • Two screw eyes and a hammer / drill (Amazon works out cheaper)
  • Krylon Cherry Red Spray Paint (from Joann’s)
  • Metallic gold paint pen (Chisel fine tip and Large tip; from Michaels)
  • Black sharpie, clear tape, glue
  • Small cutout of the 9 3/4 sign (the size will depend on the size of your panel; I used google images)

What you do:

To hang your sign – I was lucky enough to have a wood sign that came with a hanging wire so I didn’t have to worry about attaching the hanging accessories. I will explain how to do it here.

  • Use the drill / hammer to attach the screw eyes to the top corners of the panel.
  • Attach the chains (same length) through both eyes and connect them to the bracket (the bracket should come with attach-able hardware).
  • Follow directions in the purchased kit to attach the bracket to the wall.

To make the sign

  1. Cover an inch from each side of the panel with washi tape (easiest to peel off without making a mess). Paint the panel with the cherry red (use 2-3 coats and let dry overnight; make sure to cover the floor to prevent stains). IMG_3872
  2. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape carefully. Use the large gold paint pen to cover the four sides (forming a border) and let dry.                                                                           IMG_3883
  3. Use glue to stick the 9 3/4 cutout at the center of the panel (right under the top gold border).
  4. Using google images as a reference, I used the black sharpie to write out HOGWARTS EXPRESS under the cutout (If you make a  mistake, you can erase it by gently wiping with alcohol).
  5. Cover the black with the thin chisel tip gold pen and let dry.                                                         IMG_4351