DIY Harry Potter Series – ‘My dear, you have the grim’ teacup ornament

This is one of my favorite ornaments so far. Really easy to make with very few supplies.

You will need:

  1. A plastic white cup (I got mine at Daiso but the dollar store has a lot of options as well; if using ceramic, be very careful when handling).
  2. Black sharpie – Thick
  3. Black acrylic paint and brush
  4. Matte mod podge

What you do:

  • Wash and dry the cup to remove dust and particles.
  • Make sure you have the right orientation for the cup before starting to draw. I kept the handle on top and drew the design accordingly.
  • Use the sharpie to draw an outline of a dog. You can use 70% ethanol to wip the marker if you make mistakes.
  • Add dots all around the dog (I used a google image of the grim as reference).
  • At the rim of the cup, write ‘my dear, you have the grim’.
  • Optional: I added a few more details along the outside and handle of the cup. It looked too plain and I wanted to fill it in. On the handle I wrote ‘Omen of Death’ and along the outer section I wrote ‘they see the grim, they die of fright’.
  • Use mod podge to seal everything in and let it dry for 24 hours.

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