Boho Home Series – DIY Air Plant Terrariums

Terrariums are ecosystems in glass bowls or jars containing soil, plants and garden decor. There are certain plants called Tillandsia or air plants that can survive with the least amount of water, which is perfect for me. I am terrible at keeping plants alive; I either forget to water or add too much. This plant is perfect because it only needs 2-3 hours of dunking in water every 10-15 days….Yay!! 🙂

What you need:

  1. Glass terrarium bowls of different sizes (you can purchase them at any crafting or dollar store)
  2. Cord / Twine to hang
  3. Wall hooks / curved screws for hanging
  4. Packages of moss (assorted colors), colored sand, plants, bushes (all available in the floral section of a craft store)
  5. Miniatures – woodland creatures, fairies, gnomes etc (craft stores and dollar stores have a lot of mini fairy garden item)
  6. Paper and Pencil
  7. Scissors
  8. Glue
  9. Live plants – Tillandsia, Succulents

What to do:

  1. Clean out your bowls with a dry napkin to remove dust.
  2. Design your bowls using paper and pencil.
  3. Lay out your sand at the bottom to create different layers (optional: use multiple colors)
  4. Add your moss, little creatures, fairies etc to make different looking displays ( I added little birds, a fairy house and colored moss).
  5. An optional step is to add the real plants in between the mix. Use twine to hang from the ceiling (use curved screws or hooks for hanging).

For the table top display, I used colored sand, an outdoor forest scene with a fox and fairies, a little stream and some plants. I added an extra house on a cardboard box (painted black) to add dimension and put in rabbits and squirrels, and added some fine silver glitter over everything.

And there you go!! You have a living, breathing beautiful fantasy garden that does not involve too much work or maintenance.

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